Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Looking Outward by Focusing Inward

Its your voice .. choose to listen to it now and again.

Made this caption the other day for Jillisa. I tend to try to focus on newer captioners in the Haven, so that I can help them get acquainted, become familiar with protocols, and keep them from disappearing due to shyness or even paranoia that they are going to be discovered. I was that person once, and I made some long lasting friends by "getting along to get along" when I started (HELLO SIMONE!) and had feelings of inferiority amongst the other captioners that had been doing it for quite a while already at that point.

This year though, my resolution was to try to caption many of the long time captioners that have stayed around and consistently remained relevant in the Haven community. The caption for Sammie a few posts ago was the start of that, and I hope to continue through the first few months of this year.

Jillisa is one of those captioners. She's slowed down quite a bit, but its been due to work stress / job change and a move to another apartment among other things like health issues. She's always willing to help people though, through proofreading and just making comments on other's work.

I wanted to give her a positive caption for the beginning of the year so I hunted for a picture that would work until I found this one, and I knew I had my muse. The whole idea of furry Ugg boots and a sweatshirt, along with a mini skirt and tank top felt to me like what typifies a woman .. a walking contradiction. Most centered females will tell you straight up that even they can't understand themselves with any regularity. I figured, "why not bring that into a caption that will cement the changes in a way that the typical 'being trapped' scenario never would?" Something that goes beyond, "I've got tits now!" and ties in ideas of family support, sisterhood, and how to rectify a mind and intellect not quite tied into their current body image.

That's what I put into it, but if you didn't get that, I hope you still like it on a more superficial level. I know that when we look at TG material, sometimes the last thing you really want to do is "THINK!" about issues, your own or other people's. I bring this up because the last post was something totally escapist and had no subtext at all. Sometimes I can do that, but often there is a piece lying underneath the surface that can be broached .. and I am glad I have this blog as a resource to explore and poke about at those things that amuse/provoke/interest me and color the captions I create.

Of course, some of my favorite captions are ones that are just plain silly and bimbo like. I didn't say that I was above being a "Walking Contradiction" either!

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  1. A great caption I read it again after your explaination. Thats what i like about your blog that extra level.
    Its great that you spread the love to and silly and Bimbo as required Cool !