Friday, January 9, 2015

Don't Fuck with the Bulls ..

.. unless you want to be gored by the horns! (read the caption first before reading the blog post.)

Made this one as a blog exclusive. Had the picture and the idea that came with it didn't really fit into something I'd want to create for a trade caption with anyone, even those who liked revenge stories.

A good friend of mine was a lot like me as a teen, which is when we met. We went to different high schools, but liked the same music and had the same sense of style .. Chuck Taylor sneakers (combat boots in winter) jeans, heavy metal T shirt, and very long hair with earrings. Other than the fact that I played sports (baseball and soccer) we were a lot alike.

The irony is though that I never quite got picked on in school (occasionally verbal) like he did; truthfully people were afraid of me because they thought I worshiped the devil, and I had done a few things that were 'scary'. He however, got picked on unmercifully, especially by the jocks. I never quite understood, especially since he was technically tougher than I was, as he'd taken karate as a child, and I was more of an insane street fighter. They'd call him a faggot, etc .. and start shit (irony alert II: I was considered much 'prettier' than him and I usually wasn't slandered in that way. "Satanist" was the big one towards me.). Even worse, he'd invariably win the fight, and then it'd be, "I'm going to kick your ass tomorrow faggot!" Rinse, wash, and repeat, day in and day out.

When the shit went down in Colorado at the end of the 1990's, we both understood exactly what had happened and the mentality that had caused it, both from the students AND the population at large. Its only recently come around that these sort of athletes are judged for what they are.. bullies that are enabled by others that will protect them when inevitably the shit hits the fan, though even today it takes a firestorm of controversy for victims to get justice (et al B. Cosby and J. Winston.)

That sort of thinking went into this caption, and since I didn't make it for anyone specific, I could go wherever I wanted with the plot. The photo was a great find, as its got that androgynous look, halfway between male and female. I assume its a female, but it can leave you guessing as there is limited breast development, hairless body, lack of muscle, no makeup and the pose itself lends an air of undefined gender. Finding pictures like these are like striking your own cache of gold.

If anyone here follows wrestling, the best "heels" aka the bad guy, are those who think they are justified in their viewpoints, and take measures to stop what they think is wrong. Often they are misguided, but there has to be a kernel of something to make them seem more human. In this caption, the antagonist certainly feels justified to act in this way, and I bet many people that read this blog all the time would agree. One man's "senseless vengeance" is another man's "just desserts" and there a perverse version of The Hero's Journey is a fun one to read. It certainly was cathartic to write!


  1. This in intriguing. I suppose the lack of comment is that everything is pretty much stated already, if you see what I mean.

    However, that's a well-chosen image and a story that actually has a bit of depth around the edges, if you see what I mean. Mind you, it's not that 'playful' and so may be heavier than people were expecting on seeing this image?

    It's interesting, not sure it's one-handed... or maybe it is and that's why there's views and no commentary.

    1. I'm pretty damn sure it isn't a one-handed caption! LOL

      And I'm pretty sure now that subconsciously this came out of my brain due to the TG teen that committed suicide. Humanity tends to be very judgmental towards things that are different and/or variant and then isolates them. I guess I am no different though I'd LIKE to think I'm more tolerant than most.

  2. i read this when posted, i have to admit i did not know what to make of it. So a re visit today. Maybe i still have not grasped the point? the intolrence of the bully wrong of course. (but i know that i said and did many dumb things in youth through ignorence and peer presure i regret now) and the revenge part as an over reaction, does that make you as bad as the bully?
    I Do not think it was your intention but i found myself compairing this with the resent events in France.
    When does free speach become abuse and provocation and offence become unjustified terrorisum?
    Maybe we should call you Dee(p) Mentia.
    ps sorry for the spelling this computer is so old the spell check is in latin! and i never could spoll coorrectoly

  3. This was one that gave me some thinking, and thinking back to some of the times I'd rather forget.

    I've been bullied in school, first for being the odd one out, simply because I moved there from another town.
    Later on because most of the guys didn't stop growing until they were around 6 feet I stopped growing around 5'6
    Somehow people think that just because someone is small, they are an easy target. Yeah, right.
    Well, when ignoring them didn't work, I stopped being an easy target. Eventually I stopped being an interesting target. Still, to this day I am greatfull they didnt knew about this part of me. I don't think I would have heard the end of it, and it is not unlikely my anger would have turned either inward, being destructive to myself, or it would simply have blown outwards. The anger is something I left behind, but at a price.