Sunday, December 28, 2014

Watch Out for the Snake in the Grass!

It won't be the only thing slithering around!

Made this for Desiree after her Christmas Caption Contest, where she filled the trading folder of quite a few of us captioners on the Haven. Figured the least I could do is create one for her as a thank you.

For some reason, my brain created this story when I first saw the picture. I'm sure if you could figure out WHY it did, you'd have solved some of the deepest mysteries in the universe. Or perhaps, its just the way she's sitting. I think that whoever lives in or owns that abandoned cabin HAS to have a good maid to keep it from getting too dusty.

Welcome back to all those that went away for the Christmas week. I am noticing that the views are slowly rising again, and I've hit 120k again this month! Also, Cintia D. was our 3400th comment, so leave me your male/female name and some preferences for a reward caption. If you had/have a folder on the Haven, remind me and I can head there to see your preferences. I'll hopefully have something for you within the next week or two.

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