Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gotta Cut Loose Once in Awhile!

Sometimes we all need to lighten up a bit, right?

Made this one for Brittany7, who has contributed to quite a few of our DIY Challenges, and now had a folder in the Trading Area of the Haven. One of her first captions was made for me, so I had to reciprocate, which I definitely don't mind doing. Its always a good thing to have new blood posting.

Its funny now that it seems like guys aren't allowed to cut loose anymore, but that women are now taking up the mantle of having some wild crazy fun under the guise of blowing off steam. It doesn't seem like its evened up, but swung more towards the fairer sex. Perhaps the public believes that women can do less damage perhaps, or at least keep themselves under a bit more control. As someone that used to bounce now and again, let me tell you, they are just as ornery as men, and just as likely to go for a sucker punch or some other less than noble sneak attack!

Anyway, that was the vibe I was going for and making a statement. Woman's night out is ritualistic with the preparation of what to wear, where to go, etc ... physical, with the dancing, and a chance to hook up emotionally with their friends, with a sense of camaraderie. When I head out with guy friends, there isn't usually a whole lot of sharing .. its mostly, "C'mon ref! Make the call!" There might be some bonding, but its over the football team, or the hockey team, or something more superficial. At the end of the night, but guys and girls can be drained, but who has gotten more out of it? I'm betting its the girls every time!

So, if your woman is out tonight .. a Saturday night .. dancing with friends and having a few brews or other sort of imbibing, you probably shouldn't ask how her night went. You might not really want to know, but you CAN benefit from her "Roaring with the Betties!" cuz she's probably going to be raring to go and you are the one with a target on your back! Or perhaps you are in some sort of chastity, and at the very least, you should have a tasty snack the next morning?

Ah, I don't have much love for Jummy Buffet, but a karaoke bar I used to hang at during the 90's would always play this song at the end of the night, you know right before the "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!" spiel. It was time for sealing the deal with a honey, or at least organizing a crew to head out to Denny's for something to clog the old arteries and sober yourself up. Hey, its better than "Closing Time" by Semisonic!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you think is the best song for closing down the bar? I know there are quite a few Sinatra songs that work, along with Van Halen's "Happy Trails" What songs were played at the end of the night at your favorite watering hole?


  1. The cool thing about this post is that it hits on a truth - maybe not an absolute truth - but a pretty true observation. Women do let loose in bars when they're drinking and having fun, all dancing with each other all. Men - real men - just aren't comfortable doing it, even in face of the reality that it is obviously fun. I feel this weight all of the time. I'll be at a wedding and the women will all be dancing and having fun, but even though I'm wearing a complete set of pretty lingerie beneath my suit or tux, I'll "hide" out with the real men and deny what my true persona really wants to do. It's sad really that let these things get in our way.

    1. Does the cheerleader tease you when you are at a wedding about what is underneath and what people would think if your bra showed through, or if your pants got hiked up?

      The interesting part of being a guy, is that unless you are a total spazz, women do appreciate guys that come out to dance, and if they are drunk enough, won't notice a real lack of footwork. The main thing is not sweating TOO much. You have to be a bit aloof and not go all in with dancing.

      And a hint for all those still on the prowl, especially at weddings. Talk to the DJ and find out when a slow song is coming up. Then head out and dance a bit with a crew of women knowing that you'll hopefully be able to snag one with a slow song on deck. They are less likely to shoot you down if they are already out there (and single, have to make sure of that!) then if they've already made it off the floor.

  2. I completely agree with your point Dee. I loved this one!

  3. Fun cap Dee!

    I didn't often close out bars. I always wanted to get the friends together and head out somewhere else. Sadly the majority that I did close out were playing "Closing Time". Three memorable songs that I recall being played at that late hour though were Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", Green Days "Good Riddance", and REM's "It's The End Of The World As We Know It"

    1. Not bad choices. Journey wasn't quite cool when I was shutting down bars so I'd never would've thought of that. I can imagine an entire bar just singing away at that song. Not as rowdy lyric wise, but still something that can bring people together, even for a few minutes.

      I've sung the REM song at Karaoke, and people are usually impressed, and of course EVERYONE yells out "LEONARD BERNSTEIN!"

      I think I'd rather hear "3 AM" by Matchbox Twenty on repeat than "Closing Time" by Semisonic once. It just seems really whiny. I think clubs would be better off playing "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" to scoot people out!

  4. Lovely cap.

    In one of the bars I visited "Closing Time" by Tom Waits was played near closing time, followed by a German song: "Gute Nacht Freunde" by Reinhard Mey. Even though there is a Dutch version, they always played the original. In a bar that played mostly hard rock and punk, it is a good way to make people finish their drinks. Sadly that bar is gone, and the building, a building with character and history, didn't even escape demolition to make place for concrete and glass.