Thursday, November 13, 2014

Feminine Express .. Never Leave Home Without It!

So much better to look at than Karl Malden!

I found out that I had never captioned SimplySays before, and she had made some comments on other captions I made on the Haven so I was looking to fix that situation, and since she liked heels and short skirts, I was all on board. I was looking for a source picture, and when I saw this one, I immediately spotted something that I thought was wrong, which became the basis of my caption.

I'm sure you've read it by now, so you know what it was, and it is a tough lesson to teach young girls, as my daughter probably went through 3 pocketbooks in 6 months when she first started carrying them. That was along with all the times we said, "Sweetie, don't leave your purse behind!"

I also couldn't help but reference the recent "Woman walking around New York City" video meme which took off over the weekend. It seemed like SUCH a easy target for a TG caption. They've already had people walking around as Princess Leia for 10 hours and as a Jets fan. Being being a pop culture junkie just had to add my 4 cents to the topic.

Just a little quickie that was simple to execute, but worked much better than I thought it could!

Wow! I was looking for a video of the song I just posted above, and ended up hearing something I had never heard before, and it fits with the caption pretty well. Might as well post it!


  1. A pivitol lesson to learn no doubt, in both normal cases and especially in the case of David there...

  2. Great cap, forgetting the purse is probably something most men would do after finding themselves in heels.

    I can't recall ever hearing this Johnny Cash song, but exept the voice it reminds me more of the songs of Jim Reeves. The Elvis song however sounds familiar. A friend of mine has most of his work, including a lot of bootlegs. Chances are I heard it there.