Saturday, October 18, 2014

You're Not Naked in a Towel! .. the DIY Challenge Results!

Can I borrow your towel for a sec? My car hit a water buffalo!

Here are your DIY Results! This first one came from Brittany7 from the Haven. Much wordier than I was looking for, but I got it all to fit and its a good story so I didn't mind at all!

Next up is Helena, who made a quite touching caption, and was happy I had given her a guideline of 50-75 words. I guess that helped her out in the long run to keep it simple and on point. Glad I was able to "coax" this out of her. Its very poignant!

Last for the submissions that came through the blog, here is Ian's who also got right to the point! Sometimes, actions speak much louder than words!

Here is Dr. Psycho's caption submission. Interesting take on what would happen if a real woman took something made specifically for men wanting to be women. I'm wondering if there is a cock growing in her future but perhaps we'll never know! You can hit up Dr. Psycho's tumbler HERE!

Lastly, we have Sci-fi Kara's 2 panels that she posted to her blog back awhile. I must say that both Dr. Psycho and Kara came up with their captions REALLy quickly and should be commended for it! Once again, another spin that you weren't necessarily expecting, but that is what is good about doing DIY challenges .. people can take the picture in whatever direction inspires them .. and considering the entries we got, it was a great source photo! You can find her original post HERE!

Great job everyone! I have a DIY caption setting already in place for posting, which I will do sometime over the weekend. Its not a Halloween one, but should give people lots of room to work with in whipping up a caption.


  1. A great turn out and splendid captions. Have to say I found it quite hard to keep the word count down.
    re reading it now I am not that happy with it but that's all part of the fun I guess.
    here's another take for you hitchhikers guide fans,

    After Trillian lunched the infinite improbability drive Ford was really glad he knew where his towel was. after
    landing in this naked feminine reality

  2. Great entries, and again it amazes me how many different stories can be inspired by one picture.

    At times like this I know why I have this quote from my favorite Dutch writer "To write is to erase, what remains is writing."
    Like I said in my mail to you, I could easily write a thousand words to describe this feeling. The challenge was to keep the feeling, within the limits you set.