Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Don't Need Huey Lewis to Go Back In Time! Just Foundation Garments!

The best time to train yourself for something is in the past!

Made this caption for Tar, whom hadn't capped me in over 4 years apparently! I wanted to make something good since its been awhile. He likes captions that deal with the good old days and time travel, so I posted this to his trading folder:
Looked it up and I owed you a caption now .. sooooooo I figured I would once again do time machine sort of caption, but play with the constructs a bit more. 
I actually thought of this idea back when I was a teenager. I was all, "damn, if I had a way to go back in time, I could practice guitar all day and/or workout and the results could be seen right away now in the present!" Which is how Bill Murray's character Phil learned how to do all sorts of things in Groundhog Day. 
Pondering that and how to incorporate that into a TG Caption? I actually worked it out fairly well in my head, which is exactly what I wrote in the end of the caption!
With a fine source photo like I found, I didn't think it would be too hard to make an acceptable caption, but I did want something special. I think its a bit more story-driven than many of my captions, but its got that patented "Dee Dialog" that still identifies itself as being made by me. Honestly, Sci Fi isn't really my thing, and I always got confused when trying to follow a time line shift on any of the Star Trek series. That is why I think this is fairly simple. Damien sent her back to say, 1958 and had her live 2 years or so, then brought her back to the present within a minute of his time line.

The best part of the "corset training" is that its permanent. His body had molded itself physically, rather than magically, to its new shape so even if Damien had changed him back, it would look very odd. Its a different sort of trapped than I usually whip up.

Hope everyone enjoys! Back in a day or two!


  1. love the caption a great story and definitely a different sort of trapped. its a shame corsets are out of fashion.
    well for guys who like curves probably the ladies don't miss them.

  2. Great cap.
    I read a lot of time travel stories, and watched a lot of movies and shows with that theme. As far as I can tell, you managed to give a new perspective on the subject, even where it concerned time travel transformations. I've read quite a few caps considering those as well. Kudos.

    I have wondered in the past what a corset could do for my figure. Alas, it would require at least one other person in RL to know this side of me. I've not arived at that point (yet?).

    1. Thank you so much for saying I gave it a new perspective!

      Corsets are much easier to deal with now considering the amount of spandex, etc .. can be built into them now. Even the ones with boning now are much more forgiving. I know this mostly due to having friends that like to go to Renn Faires. Not that I've ever been put into one! *causes distraction* Anyone see the Foo Fighters this week on Letterman? LOL

  3. Replies
    1. There's a certain elegance and charm to the 50's and 60's garments that isn't replicated today, even when there was all sorts of straps, fasteners etc .. it still seemed refined.