Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Virus I SHOULD HAVE gotten! .. and a new DIY Challenge!

Sometimes you have to dress for the illness you want to have, not the illness you get!

Made this one the other night, when I had some spare time being up late due to not being able to sleep. I've had this thing now for 2 weeks and I'm only slightly better. I am planning on hitting the doctors AGAIN to see if there is anything else they can do.

Anyway, we in the TG Captioning genre often use these viruses to add a randomness to who gets to change. Not everyone "deserves" to have their lives thrown into turmoil and things like a TG Virus allows those who don't want to be "punished" by a transformation nor actively seeks out a new gender a chance to enjoy some good old fashioned, "oh well, I guess I'll have to make the best out of the situation!" It takes the blame away from everyone, don't you think?

I wasn't planning on making a caption with this theme, but when I saw the picture on line, it pretty much wrote itself as one of my collections involve high top chuck taylor sneakers. If men aren't allowed to have dozen's of heels, at least I can still be creative and match my chucks to my outfits!

And now, another DIY Challenge! I didn't get any responses for if they should be Halloween related or not, so I went and found this picture in my D'archives and figured it'd make for an interesting challenge. For an extra bit of complexity, try to keep it in the 60-75 words range tops. That way we can give the words a bit of space to breathe. Deadline is Wednesday, October 15 at midnight Pacific Standard Time.


  1. Here is my entry: http://dr-psychos-transformations.tumblr.com/post/98867884083/andreas-team-had-created-profem-for-the

  2. Hey hun, thought I'd give it a go. Hope you like!

  3. Wow, two people already giving submissions! If either of you want the original picture so that you can place it in your own caption setting, let me know and I'll update the DIY page with one. I should probably do that anyway .. I post the one I did for those who don't have the photo editing programs that would just like to write a story.

    Great job so far!

  4. yeah got my computer back just in time for the DIY I well see what I can come up with soon.

  5. Fun cap, I can totally imagine your room to be decorated like that if this would happen to you.
    Ill try to get something a little sooner than the last DIY.