Monday, September 15, 2014

The Pink Lady .. DIY Results!

Come inside ... we've got FOUR (update: FIVE!) submissions!

Not too bad, considering we'd taken almost a month off from making a DIY challenge. I went a bit off the deep end on mine. I figured I'd try to make a body suit caption, which I'm not very good at, probably because they don't usually interest me. My idea was sound, but I ended up cramming too much information into a small space of text.  In theory, having a symbiote changing a guy into a girl so he'd have more orgasms, which generates more symbiotes to take over other people .. would be a good idea for a story. Perhaps it is, and at some point in time I may return to it. I'm not particularly happy with the caption though.

First up is Dawn (Commentator) who taps into something primal I think, women judging themselves and being jealous of what other women have. Men get the blame a lot about women's lack of self-esteem, but I think men in general love women no matter how bloated their cankles are or the freckles on their back! Women are their own worst enemies.

Next up is Ian. I added a few words to this to make it a bit more complete, but its a great idea for a caption. I hate door to door salespeople, no matter how good they look, but if they were selling lingerie, and made me look like that, I think they'd have a repeat customer!

Lots of text in this one by Sarah Ashley, but I managed to get it all in there, though I edited out a few words to do so. I knew many sluts in school, and found them to be pretty sweet in general. I think they enjoyed the fact that I actually could hold a conversation with them, as opposed to just staring them in the chest and hitting on them all the time. Its something I learned early that helped me in my 20's. Flirting is fun, and if you chat long enough, you can get her resistance down, and make the connection that way. Good advice for those of us who are slightly better than average looking. If you don't have a 12 inch long cock, "I'm in the band," also works VERY well! Anyway, none of the sluts I knew back then had this sort of power. If they did, I'm sure they'd have let me sample the life I'm sure!

Almost lastly, this one came from Brittany7 from the Haven. I'm betting many people viewing this blog are now hitting google to try to find that catalog/website. I think they should instead be hoping to find a wife that awesome who'd want to play both sides of the gender fence with them. Don't you just love stories that have happy endings like that?

And the ACTUAL last caption comes from Helena, who snuck it in AFTER I had written up this blog post. I honestly haven't even read it yet but I'm sure its good. I've had people around the last few days so I made this post up ahead of time figuring I would not get any stragglers, but the more the merrier!

We should have another DIY posted in the next few days with a deadline of the end of the month. I am writing this up on Saturday morning, so hopefully I'll have a chance to whip up a caption setting.


  1. I loved your caption a great idea to work on. I think its a great idea to see the different takes on the same photo.
    I look forward to the next one.

    1. Hope you didn't mind me adding a sentence and editing another one. I wanted to clarify things and tighten it up, though it didn't particularly need it that much.

  2. no that's ok. you gave us such a wide remit but I did have trouble thinking of something this time. I kind of thought that my cap theme would have been done before but I just like taking part.
    Had to listen to devo again :)

  3. great and fun caption Dee, love the idea of a symbiont to change guys into girls.
    Of course Dawn's wit is always a pleasure to read
    Love Ian's too, Now that's a way to create your own market.
    Sarah Ashley's is a unique take on the bimbo cap. Most try to be sexy and/or humiliating, this one is actually sweet.
    Just love the sweet cap from Brittany 7, but then, I am a sucker for happy endings.

    I almost didn't come up with an idea this time, and while I can tinker a lot on my stories, this one was written up in one take (well, almost).
    While it is hard for me to see where I stand as a writer, the assumption of me delivering a good story when you didn't read it feels like a great compliment. It also feels like the bar is set high for what is expected of me,