Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The National Feminization League

I think that THIS is the route that the Commish should take next time, in conjunction with SRU!

Made this quickie as all I've been hearing over the last week and a half is the controversy surrounding Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, etc .. and what the NFL needs to do to send the appropriate message. I'm pretty appalled by the way the domestic abuse and child abuse issues have been handled by the league, the teams themselves, and the commissioner himself. For a league that has been very good at controlling the media and is tops in public relations, they have continually stepped in a pile of shit, or perhaps as Sideshow Bob dealing with a bunch of rakes.

Anyway, I was home, alone for a bit, and figured I'd try to whip up a caption or two. I was looking at galleries of women in pantyhose, and saw the picture I ended up using in the caption. I was wondering why she was sitting down and using a microphone. With the seemingly endless amount of sound bites and press conferences that I have heard clips from, it was obvious that this was something to do with all the football talk the US has been dealing with. Throw in the whole Michael Sam, "is the league ready for an active gay player on the 53 man roster" media frenzy, and I went and had some TG fun. Who wouldn't love to see all the pundits and league officials .. and the players themselves ... deal with a resolution such as this?

Yes, I could have used a picture with a younger girl that was busty, sexy, and gave the players a bit of a taste of their own medicine, but really, its all about redemption and forgiveness. Why not give it a bit of a pie in the sky happy ending? Let me know what YOU think in the comments?

PS, Please hit the last post dealing with the DIY challenge. There is some good work there and not many comments. Let the people who responded to the challenge what you think about their work!


  1. I don't know the back ground on this but that's ok it works for me anyway.

    1. In the US, its been a big thing about the NFL (National Football League) where a bunch of players recently have had domestic violence issues (either wife/girlfriend beating or child abuse) and the league pretty much sat on its hands until public outcry caused them to react, and even then, they tried to sweep it all under the rug and possibly cover up when and who had knowledge of the crimes.

  2. Like Ian, I didn't know the background either, so I did a bit of reading about it. I could have understood if the NFL kept things indoors if they wanted to protect the victims, and took action against the perpetrators. But to act like nothing happened is sickening, like they want to justify abuse. And while I'm not a fan of social media like facebook and twitter, where a lot of people shoot first and ask questions later, if at all. In this case it served a purpose.
    Anyway, you were right to not to use a picture of "a younger girl that was busty, sexy...," but it wouldn't have worked in this case. Everybody should be accountable for their actions, an everybody should also get the chance to fix what they broke. I think you nailed it with this cap.