Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zak Is Still a Rebel .. Sorta! Happy Fourth of July!

I don't even know what the words on the wall behind her say. Then again, it took my 5 years to figure out there were words behind her!

The interesting thing about this caption I made for Zak/Zoe (who later became Zee) is that I didn't really refer to the "Stars and Bars" design of her bikini other than as the title of the caption. I did not want to do a Southern Pride or Redneck sort of caption and also wanted to stay away from any political statement. Pretty much what you read in the story is how I interpreted what the picture told me. Also, I try not to involve too many characters anymore .. back then I did and it clouded up the comprehension of the caption too much I think. Zoe is the one talking throughout the story, but she first talks to her new mom, and then to her former friend Steve .. and also refers to her former girlfriend, now sister, in the dialog. I probably could have, and should have, just had Steve say something, probably, "Is that YOU in there Zak?" just to transfer to direction of her conversation to Steve, and acknowledge that Sue's mom had left the room.

Zee had pretty much acknowledged all that in a reply back from the post
I think it took me a second reading to quite nail the relationships of who was who in the narrative, and dodged my expectations by not being about the confederate flag bikini.  Not meant as a criticism, I like the cap a lot (particularly the more I think about the larger story that it is a snippet of)
I even felt complied to respond, so that anyone else that wasn't quite getting the storyline, could follow it, and hopefully not give up and wander off.
Ok, I'm glad you clarified. It was a bit hard to follow at first since I only had that one picture, so I tried to have the other characters move in an out while you were posed in that manner.

For those that didn't follow. Zak's GF's mom turned him into his GF's sister. Zak's old friend comes over to visit (and was probably invited over by the mom to embarrass Zak) The mother leaves (at the end of the 2nd paragraph) and then Steve is talking to Zak exclusively. The mom's thinking was that the best way to stop Zak and Sue from being together was to make them sisters. I wouldn't have put it past her the mom to try to be hooking up Steve and Zoe either! All those teenage hormones running wild!

Wow, reviewing this caption has made me all tingly! I think I really like this one!
That is essentially the caption in review form. I don't usually like to do that anymore, since anyone's interpretation is fine by me, and many times I try to deliberately be vague and open-ended. Here though, I wasn't sure if my intentions were actually clear so discretion was certainly the better part of valor in making sure people saw what they needed to see.

Lastly, vanity hit me a bit with this caption.. It was QUITE small (I think the Haven didn't accept captions larger than 800 pixels wide at the time) and so I wanted to make it somewhat larger. When doing that, it made it harder to read, so I went and "Remixed" it, adding shadow and clarity to the text, and since I'd already done that, I went and made the picture stand out a bit more too. I do promise that I will NEVER make Greedo shoot first, ok?

Its a tradition here at "Dee-lusions of Grandeur" to post a video of Wonder Woman doing something in honor of the Fourth of July. Honestly, Lynda Carter is STILL the Wonder Woman that everyone drools over. Many other characters could have debates about (I'll always take Julie Newmar as Catwoman, than you very much!) but its pretty definitive all around in favor of Lynda Carter!

Many people in the US think of the Beach Boys on the Fourth of July, but I'm not one of those. I much prefer the Queers version of "Don't Back Down" which is quite faithful to the original while still having a punk spirit of, "I'll play whatever the fuck I want to, and I'll do it well!"


  1. A happy 4th July to you. its great to see some of your older posts and that you were confounding folks even then.

  2. Happy Fourth of July to you.
    Fun cap.
    I only knew the Queers album "Love songs for the reatrded." This was a good reason for me to listen to it again.
    As for this song, I agree with you.

  3. Oh, I remember when this happened to me!

    I'm glad to grab a higher resolution version, darn those Haven limits.

    This was a very neat cap, every time I read it I get a little more of the gushy personality that's coming out.

  4. The only time I would dress a woman in that outfit was if she was going to be part of the entertainment at a rappers' convention.