Saturday, July 5, 2014

Blue Jean Blues!

Even dressed down, things are looking UP!

Made this one for Anne Oni Mouse a couple hours ago. Here is what I posted to her trading folder along with the caption:
Well, I was sitting here at night on the rained out 4th of July and of course, listening to ZZ Top as any true American would, and I found this picture. Of course, I just had to cap us in it, and Billy Gibbons and the boys helped me take it where it needed to go, which was up the road a bit!
That pretty much sums it up. The city will be doing their fireworks display on Saturday night instead, and the family is now having their cookout on Sunday. ZZ Top has a song called Blue Jean Blues and it was playing right around the time I found the photo I used for the caption. A title for another one of their songs popped into my head, "Arrested for Driving While Blind" wherein my brain popped in "Blond" instead and I had my caption.

I thought it came out pretty good, and was happy with it, along with a few people that have already commented on it, mostly saying they liked the dialog. When rereading it though, I noticed that I had actually fucked up the coloring towards the end! EEK! Luckily I don't think it impacts it too much, well I HOPE it doesn't! Here is the corrected version:

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did it really make a difference? For me it does slightly, as the "Dee" voice tends to have more knowledge and so the roadhouse thing probably SHOULD be in white. Then again, their mental state IS tenable, so perhaps they are both vacillating between actual knowledge and bimbo thoughts. Please let me know what YOU think?

and hey, maybe later, we'll be doing THIS at the roadhouse!


  1. love the caption. I read the caption as a the second character coming round to the idea. so can't say I would have noticed. it works both ways. ZZtop Smooooooth :) .

  2. Like Ian said, it works both ways, although I was wondering why you took your Dee persona, while I had more of a Dee Dee feeling about it. Too me anyway. Wonderful cap, in whatever way I can read it.
    I love the ZZtop choices you made, but when I read the title I expected it to be inspired by David Bowie.

    Whooo.... The Dutch just reached the semi finals of th World Cup football, err... soccer. Next opponent Argentina on July 13th. Hmm, our Queen is Argentinean born and raised. I wonder who will she root for :)

  3. Lovely caption here, Dee. Well done!