Monday, July 21, 2014

The Wallflower .. and a new DIY challenge!

Who sent her a faulty, fairy godmother?

Made this one as a quickie about a week ago, and figured I'd use it to introduce the DIY Challenge for the week as it wasn't made for anyone in particular. Mostly an exercise in color saturations and blending, and I guess the answer for will it blend is .. yes! Though I can see why most people do not try to work with too many versions of yellow and tan. It does bring out her black tights pretty nicely though, right Hailey?

Anyway, on to the DIY Challenge. Once again, I'll supply the caption setting and/or the actual picture if you'd like to produce a complete caption. Submissions should either be sent to me, probably through the haven if you belong there and have a complete caption, or post your story into the "LATEST DIY" section which you can get to by clicking that button at the middle of the links underneath the banner.

Make them about anything and starring anyone, but I'd be very happy if they all starred someone named "Caitlyn" and/or "Calvin" since I still miss her dearly. Don't care if she doesn't feel like Caitlyn anymore, since I wouldn't mind reading about some of her further adventures that we didn't know about beforehand or perhaps someone else became infected with "Caitlyn" from reading their TG blog?

The deadline for the DIY Challenge is Thursday, July 31st at Midnight Pacific Standard Time. That gives everyone a few extra days to make these captions extra special.


  1. You beat me to it! I was just about to say that black and gold is one of my favorite combinations, and it pops so perfectly on her, I can't believe she won't get some attention before the night's out! ;)

    1. Well, she still is shy so the jury is out on that, and of course, the joke was that she'll still blend into the background since the walls are yellow mustardish too!

      And yes, since I am a huge bruins fan, I love the black and gold!

  2. My DIY version is already posted to your Haven folder. I did shrink the caption size an used a larger font to force myself to write much shorter I guess we'll see in a week. I did the last one to after the deadline just for fun. I miss Caitlyn too.

  3. Lovely cap.
    For Caitlyn to star in the DIY make me raise the bar for myself. I hope I don't put it too high.
    While I wasn't a regular visitor on Caitlyn's blog, the few conversations we had always were constructive for me, and not only for making captions. I miss her too.