Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday .. Ya Bastard!

Ask, and ye shall receive .. in Spades! But hopefully not David Spades! ARRGGHHHH!!

Made this one for Wannabestuck for her birthday. She announced it ahead of time in her folder, since the Haven no longer lets you know when people's birthday's are, except for a piece of cake on your posts for the day. Since she made a post, I figured I'd have fun and make the caption somewhat meta. Even better, I chose one of the pictures she had in her trading folder so I knew she'd like it.

Here's some of what I wrote in the post:
Happy Birthday! If Samantha Stevens' sister Serena was the ad executive at McMahon and Tate, I think this caption definitely would be one of the untold stories of Bewitched!
 a few replies later, Ridney mentioned something, and I had to reply to that too!
Quote from: ridney on Today at 01:27:58 AM
Knowing Dee, you have to stay tied up and still type a good 50 words a minute.
 If you can type 50 WPM with your tongue .. You'll always have a position in my organization!
 Anyway, we really shouldn't over think this caption. Its just a bit of fun, like I had much of going to see Sharknado in the theater with Rifftrax making fun of it the whole time. They did a wonderful job, and will be riffing Godzilla 1998 in August, and Anaconda in October!

There's still a few days before the DIY challenge ends on Sunday. Hope you'll take a crack at it! See you in a day or two .. or three!


  1. Fun cap, and typing 50 words with your tongue, while wearing a ballgag is a real achievement.

    1. Maybe when she unwraps her presents, she'll find that one of the gifts to be a ballgag with a whole in the middle for her tongue! LOL