Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Latex Disguise ... Underneath it All

Just because you look like a condom, it doesn't mean you HAVE to be on a dick! Or maybe you do!

Made this quickie a few days ago. Just saw the picture and the idea came to me. To be honest, if I was single, and a male friend came up to me trapped in this dilemma, I would probably feel the same way. It might be different if he was stuck .. well, perhaps it might be. Then again, I am probably more amenable to it now than 15 years ago. I would have to imagine that it would be even worse for him though, so if he wanted to have be break the spell ... I guess it depends if he changes back right away, or if there is like a grace period of 15 minutes to an hour where he is still a girl so I can get some clothes back on and split for a bit.

I am not sure if this makes me less open-minded than I thought I was, though I think the sticking point for me at this point is that I would know the girl as a guy. If it was an unknown person, I would definitely help them out. I would think it'd change the dynamics of the relationship no matter what .. yes it was a female body sucking me off, but HE was inside there. "Nice game of racquetball there Damien, but once again, I proved to be better than you!" "Yeah, but I never sucked YOUR dick!" isn't really the comeback you want flying out of your mouth. "So, how was that stewardess you chatted up at the bar last night?" "Not bad, but you were WAY better at blow jobs than she was!"

Which leads to another thought. Theoretically, I bet sissies are really good at sucking cock. I said it and I'll probably say it again! If the curse for the girl in the caption was that she had to deliver the best blowjob the guy has ever had in his life to change back into a guy .. you'd think that there would be a very good shot that he'd know exactly what got him off, and would be able to translate it into something that rocked the recipients world!

So yeah, apparently my mind has been floating around the gutter and I'm passing along the savings to you. Let me know what you would do with this scenario, from either the viewpoint of the guy, the trapped girl, or both if you can get yourself in that mindset.

And to Leeanne, Kaaren, and any of the other sissies that visit my blog from time to time .. you should challenge your wives the next time they cuckold you. If you give a better blowjob than your wife .. you should be free of duties (and that chastity cage) for the weekend! I'm rooting for you!

PS. There just MIGHT be another DIY coming soon.

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  1. I have often thought feminized men would make the best women and wives etc. Men have idolized or fantasied image of the perfect woman if made to play that part forced or otherwise. they would act on that imagined image as their only reference. hence result