Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trying to Get a Little Bit Closer!

But no, he certainly isn't a stalker, is he?

Don't have much time to write up a blog entry today as it was another day filled with family and friends. The highlight was probably a picture we shot today of the 4 generations of my family: my daughter, me, my dad, and my grandmother. Both Memeres are almost 90, so you never know how much longer they'll be around, so it was important that since we were all in the same room, we took a picture. Both grandmothers have buried their husbands at least 10 years ago, plus at least one of their children (my Memere on my mom's side has outlived both my mom by 20 years and another son out of 4 children) so We cherish every memory. Even my daughter loves to see the family, and as a late teen, it can be hard to get them interested, but she tries to see them as much as she can. Its really a shame that not all of the grand children and great-grandchildren feel the same way.

On a more positive note, work should be slowing down after this week, which hopefully means a more normal captioning schedule for me. I've got that creative itch that needs to be scratched, so I'm hoping there are lots of good source photos out there awaiting my perusal! Onward and upward!

If you haven't looked at my last post, please do. Its a heartfelt caption and writeup that I think everyone will enjoy!


  1. A fun caption, It is always great to catch up with family old and new but with all my nieces it cost me a fortune in Easter eggs this weekend.

  2. Isn't bodyswapping to be near to someone a little beyond stalking:) ? Nice cap.