Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter .. Meet Me in Paris!

It takes a little more work than just clicking your heels together 3 times!

Made this one a few weeks ago and thought it was really sweet and that it was some of the best work I've done in quite some time. I hope everyone else feels the same way. Either way, let me know what you think since its a blog exclusive. In case you couldn't read her hose, here is a closeup:

Its made for all of you .. the readers, those who never say a word, and all the friends that take the time to comment below. I would like to think that no matter what style of TG Caption you enjoy, from crossdressing, magical, technological, sissy or shemale, blonde, brunette or redhead, you'll be able to picture yourself in this moment of awakening and new adventures. Its spring now, a time for rebirth and reinvention.

Shed the doldrums of the winter and your past, because today is the first day of journey into the rest of your life. All it takes is that first step ... in heels if you wish ... to let your dreams take you where you want to go. There's no time like the present, and the quicker you get started, the further away you get from any negativity that is dragging you down. And if you are already where you wish to be, be grateful for the path others have blazed for you, and help those who struggle in the underbrush.

We were at the GF's family gathering today and there was this little girl there, probably 14 months old? (so many relatives I didn't bother asking.) She could walk, sorta, but would take a few steps and fall down on her butt. She'd climb up to her feet again and then walk a bit more and then fall down. After about 4 falls, she finally made it to where she was going and cheered! Just to herself, though I saw it and smiled at her. Such an allegory for life I thought, as earlier we saw the GF's mom, who had suffered a few mini-strokes within the last 6 months, and is currently in a rehab facility. Its not how many times that you fall down, its that you get up again and dust yourself off afterwards that makes all the difference!


  1. Great cap Dee
    I like how you made a cute story out of an interesting andnice looking pair of legs

  2. Happy Easter Dee! Thank you for such a lovely caption on a day like today. Who wouldn't enjoy such a fantasy, to be transformed and take a magical journey to the City of Love, experiencing all that is to enjoyed there as a beautiful woman? I know one sissy who would.



  3. Lovely heartwarming caption Dee! I love the idea of someone taking this leap just to find out what's going on. And what better place to 'start over' than Paris! Along the lines of the cap and your post, I'm reminded of a saying that I can only paraphrase; Any step can be the first step in a new direction!

    I hope everyone takes that 'first' step when they are ready!


  4. Wonderful caption and wise words.

  5. Lovely caption, and a good reason to change my screensaver.

    Sometimes you have to stop with your journey, simply to realize the road you're on is no longer yours to take, but it's up to others to go that way. It's especially hard to stop if you set yourself the things in motion on that road, and when it was a good journey in the years that past. But it can be so liberating to plot a different route.
    And if you fall down and have trouble getting up by yourself, take the hand that is reached out to you.

  6. I am so glad that people enjoyed it. Very hard to keep from posting it earlier as I was looking forward to the feedback, but I knew I wanted it to be posted as though the caption were happening that Easter Morning.