Monday, February 10, 2014

This *IS* a Beauty Salon, You Dolt!

Teenage boys never really pay attention, do they?

Made this one for Dolly (aka SissifyMe) who has a caption blog HERE that really hasn't been updated lately, which is a shame. I really do love the idea of taking a straight male and making him over in the extreme a la a drag queen so that no one could question his gender, and its even better if there is an underlying compulsion factor where the guy acts in a flouncy, flaming manner. If you've ever seen a drag cabaret act, you know exactly what I mean! Anyway, Geoff has no issues being portrayed that way, so if you are looking for someone to make a caption like that for, Dolly is definitely a willing recipient!

I didn't go quite that overboard, but when I saw the picture, I knew there was a story in it somewhere, and that was mostly how cluelessly awkward and socially inept most teenagers are nowadays, probably due to the endless texting they do, and the structured playtime that the recent parenting guidelines have pushed forth. I don't think most teenagers could read facial expressions correctly and how to tell if a voice is being condescending or sincere. I think my daughter has been able to interview so well on jobs because she does understand how real social interaction works, and she's really good at small talk.

So anyway, we have the storyline that Geoff thinks he's going to have it made, living with his Auntie who runs a girls school instead of his strict Father. Omigod! The only boy around hundreds of young, nubile females in schoolgirl outfits .. how could he ever cope with that?!? I guess it was up to Auntie to tell him how it was really going to be, that if his dad couldn't make him a man, then she was going to make him the best woman he could be!

For me, that was the hook I needed to make it a much different story than what you'd usually read in these types of scenarios. Most of the time, its, "I can't wait to see your father's reaction when he sees what his masculine pride and joy has become .. a sissy, limp-wristed princess!" What if the dad was resigned to the fact that his son couldn't possibly live up to his legacy and this was the best solution in his mind? Human reasoning can make anything seem like a best case scenario.

Then again, perhaps the adults WERE reading exactly into it what Geoff wouldn't have concluded until much later in life? Maybe all the signs were there and they were looking out in his best interest .. saving him 10-15 years of trying to figure out why he was acting the way he did.

OR maybe Geoff just has an insane Auntie that knew what to do to control him and his father, making him into a very femme boy/girl.

Wow! Perhaps I am pulling WAY too much out of such a decent and wish-fulfilling caption for many of my readers .. who would LOVE to be squirming in that beauty salon chair awaiting the final comb though, when the chair is finally spun around to face the mirror .. and your new life with Auntie!

If you think you're a man .. you're Divine!

Look! Its Dee! Nah, that can't be me, right? LOL


  1. Agh so many scenarios. There are all ways lots of twists in your captions, I guess when I read caption I am not to good a spotting the sub plots and take them at face value. With some caption I sometimes think at the end well why the heck would he let them do that? he could fight run away call the cops. of course captions evoke many clever ways round this genies witches and magic wot not's. but in what I call real world captions I like the plausible or a water tight coercion. not a criticism of any one but just a thought I hope you don't mind me putting out there.

    1. Not a problem. My captions tend to be vague and I like them that way.. This blog is more of a way to explain the methods of WHY I came up with what I did, the reasoning behind what I put into the captions, and often what I was thinking while making it.

      Some people don't want to see how the sausage is made .. others like me want to know everything they can about the creative process. Most are probably somewhere in the middle.

      The thing about this blog in general is, like the New England weather outside my apartment, if you don't like something, wait a little while and it will be quite different! :)

    2. hey I love your blog and captions just the way thy are.

  2. WoW! Thank you so much for the inspiring caption and the advertisement for my blog. I have had a bit of writer's block mostly... also hard to find the types of dragqueen pix i enjoy captioning. if you have any story ideas i might be able to work with, email me...

    1. Well, I hope you've gotten a good amount of hits to your blog .. perhaps that might crash writer's block!

      Also glad you liked it, and I agree it can be hard to find drag queen pictures that are workable for captions. When you find the right one though, it can be a hell of a lot of fun to make them though!

  3. Honestly, I was surprised when I first saw this one. It's a bit a more distinct visual flair than your work and I personally enjoyed that alone. The writing fits very well and everything fits together nicely. Impressive use of the image as well.

  4. Great cap, love the pic. I like to read into it that the adults saved him about 10 to 15 years.

    Strawberry Switchblade, that reminds me of being a teen, and having a bit of a crush on Jill Bryson.