Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Big Hit at the Auction!

Sometimes raising money is sooo easy to do!

Made this one for transmute, who likes clown girls and women dressed up in costumes, hosiery, and being embarrassed. I am hoping that this caption does the trick nicely!

I went with an old school approach to this one, digging up a font I've only used sparingly over the last few years, so I think this has a mid-development period of my work sort of feel. Other than a border, its pretty much just text on the pictures white background, which I was able to fill as much as I could.

Right from the start, I knew I was going to have the words sung on the left side, and a conversation between the two cheerleader friends on the other. Since it was all dialog, or a song for him, I knew I couldn't get TOO detailed in the back story, but I am pretty sure that everyone can read between the lines and figure out what is going on fairly well. Their really isn't any sub-text or hidden meanings, and if you do find some, it probably wasn't intentional!

Spent most of this weekend converting my daughter's old bedroom into more of a guest room/gaming area.  She's been moved out for a bit, but she definitely still wants a place to crash if need be, so we kept her bed and an old mirror/dresser my mom used when SHE was a kid, but out went a desk, and some storage bins. I found a 24 inch HD TV open box special at Best Buy for under 100 bucks, so that went in there with the Xbox 360. Now I'm working on getting an up-converter for my older systems like the PS1, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast so the GF will want to game again if she so desires. She's not a fan of the newer stuff, but likes the old fashioned puzzle games for those old systems we played on back when we first met. She can also pop in there and watch TV if I am watching a football or hockey games she's not as interested in. Win/win situation for me as long as the daughter doesn't come back to live here! LOL Why don't more empty nesters tell you about the benefits of kids leaving, like having extra space and plenty of naked time!


  1. Replies
    1. Is Rick the lucky jerk cuz he gets to be what you wish to me?

      or am I the lucky jerk because I'm reclaiming a bedroom? LOL

  2. a fantastic humiliation caption.
    I was talking to my mother on Sunday, and she was saying how upset she was when my brothers and I left home.
    now there's a difference female get upset and males think "games room".

    1. Glad you liked the caption!

      I can understand that sentiment. I miss my daughter too, but I understand that she has a life to live and I don't want to get in the way of that. Besides, I get texts from her, talk to her almost every night on the phone, and she does hit me up for money from time to time so its not that much unlike when she was living here!

      I've also learned a few tricks from my dad .. when he wants to see me, its often a "lets grab a few beers on me and watch the Bruins at the bar." which I've turned into, "lets hit the mall for some clothes shopping and we'll grab a bite to eat while we are there." Both seem to work every time!