Sunday, January 12, 2014

Working for Tips!

.. and I don't mean French Tips!

This is one of the best weeks for football (along with last week) where only the best teams in the NFL play, so if you get to see a blowout, its pretty amazing. There are only a few elite teams, but almost any in the playoffs should be able to be another team. Patriots won again, and won convincingly against the Colts and will once again head to the AFC Championship game for the 3rd year in a row .. and the 8th time in 13 years for Brady and Belichick. That is just a consistency you don't see in a league that is made for parity. Hate all you want, but Brady and Belichick are the best at what they do and the Hall of Fame awaits them both.

Made this caption a week or two ago, knowing that I can always use some blog exclusives to post. Its sort of a counterpoint to the last caption where the siblings were fighting tooth and nail. In this, we have the exact opposite, where the dear sister is trying her best to help out her brother in need. The story came to mind due to my being in a pick-em league with some friends. In the final week of the season, it was a 3 way time for first place and I needed to not only out-pick everyone else, I needed the other players to mess up. I certainly didn't want to have to go into the wild-card week to determine a champion (and 3 of the home teams LOST in the first round though I went 3-1 anyway!) Long story long is I ended up picking 15 of 16 games correctly and no one else did better than 11 out of 16 so I won the league by three picks. WOOOOOOOO! Not like I ended up with a whole lot of money, but it certainly is bragging rights!

 Hope everyone had a good weekend! I should be back on Tuesday with another post. Going out to eat with am old friend tomorrow and watching the new season premiere of Archer at 10 PM so I won't be around much on Monday night! Keep warm! (or cool depending where you are!)

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  1. love the caption. wish we had Hooters in the UK expect I would end up rather fat though eating out every night.