Saturday, January 11, 2014

ERMAHGERD! Who Deserves the Bigger Closet?

Well, there is always ONE sure fire way to solve the argument!

Here's a quickie I whipped up the other day while I had some free time. Basically I was surfing the web looking for photos to inspire me, and I came upon this one. Blond bimbo looking girl with big tits looking at shoes .. hmm, I THINK I could work with this one, don't you think?

Basically, my mind went to an episode of The Brady Bunch which dealt with Marcia and Greg fighting over the attic, which was being turned into a spare bedroom. Brothers and sisters fight all the time anyway, so them fighting over a closet seems like as good a reason as any for a source of conflict within the caption. In a way, this is almost a Goosebumps story line!

This shows exactly the issues I have in my life where I end up going off someplace I originally wasn't going to go. After I typed that Goosebumps sentence, I thought of ERMAHGERD! and how funny it'd be to have a TG caption based off of one. I don't THINK anyone has done one yet, though if anyone did, I'd predict that Kaitlyn would've made one. I guess I'll just have to see if I was the first!

Now, I'm back and can finish my original thoughts. Um, yeah. I think I probably have said what I needed to say about the original caption I was posting.

Yes, I actually own "The Best of the Brady Bunch" on CD. Then again, I also own the entire soundtrack to "Plan 9 from Outer Space" on CD as well in case I want to listen in the car!


  1. Great cap, I have looked at my sisters shoes at times with the same feeling when we were still living at home. So except the part of being a blonde bimbo, I can very much relate to the first cap.

    The second one is funny, but did take me a while to decipher what it said. I guess phonetically written English is not my forte.

    While I didn't expect you to have a Brady Bunch CD, it is not a surprise either, having had a sample of your taste in music.
    Most of these old gems like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" I had to watch dubbed in German, because Dutch TV never played them.
    I sometimes wonder what Ed Wood could have done with proper budgets back then.

    1. Well, its considered a meme, which if you follow the link, it'll explain the etymology of it, but it is basically in the same vain as, "I can haz cheezburger?" You are right though about it being phonetically read and that is what makes it funny.

      I think if Ed Wood had a bigger budget, they'd also have a script editor, which wouldn't be nearly as much fun to watch! As you can probably tell, I love cheesy, inept movies, and own pretty much all of Ed Wood's films that were in production, and have seen quite a few of the rarer ones as well.

  2. You're right they probably wouldn't be as much fun to watch. Still, I can't help but wonder.
    Curious, But I never realized it before, but the first Ed Wood movie I saw was "Glen or Glenda."
    I must have been 12, maybe 13, my dad had a TV in his home office. I snuck in there before, way past my bedtime to watch Jack Arnold or Hammer movies, when they aired.
    This was the first time I snuck in to watch a movie dealing with issues I was struggling with. While I have fond memories of that movie, in hindsight I don't think that's a good movie to watch at that age, at least not without someone you can talk to. Some things in it made it more confusing, and I wasn't able to give it a place at that age.

    For those who have never seen an Ed Wood movie, several are on You Tube in full length.

  3. Memes… Well, although I've thought about it for a while, the idea never made it to the photo editor, so you win this round Dee!