Monday, January 27, 2014

That's So Sweet!

Is it the mind .. or the body that controls you?

Made this one for Rebecca because I couldn't really think of anyone that liked body swaps, and that is what I had in mind from when I first saw the photo. Not sure why, since I tend not to like reading them that much .. it it just where it lead me and I didn't want to force another scenario onto it.

Mainly, I wanted to have her emotions ping ponging back and forth, as he was sorting through how he felt, and how "she" felt, even though he was both at that time. At what point do you go with what feels right, and stop over analyzing everything that is happening. Do you rationalize it as "Something Rhonda would do" or even act in her best interests, especially if you think its only temporary?

That is why I really like this caption, even though it seems simple enough. There are a few layers available to those who wish to dig deeper, and a good looking leggy model if you just want to go along and daydream about the caption starring you.

Here is the title song from the new album from Against Me! called, "Transgender Dysphoria Blues"

Laura Jane Grace came out as being in transition about 2 years ago, and was the 2nd "major" modern musician to come out as transgender (Mina Caputo of Life of Agony was the 1st) and its nice to see that most fans of her band have been supportive (if fact, I think they got more grief for signing with a major label studio a few years ago than this current TG situation!) Hope you enjoy it, an if you do, drop a dime or two on this CD to support a cool band with a cool lead singer/ main songwriter!

And another one called, "True Trans Soul Rebel". Just to let everyone know, not all songs are about her transitioning.


  1. That is soo sweet.
    I know you did it for Rebecca, but if a guy sent me flowers
    And chocolates, I would just melt too.
    thanks Dee
    you made my day

  2. Great cap Dee!

    I really like caps like this as it feels like the beginning of a progression. Like blaming these feelings on the original owner... saying that she would feel like this because of point A B and C. Later it just boils down to she would feel like this. Further down it gets confusing as the subject starts to accept the feelings, but still blaming the original owner... until finally they are accepting the feelings themselves.


  3. I have to agree with Rhonda Dee. Wait! I don't agree with Rhonda Dee. Rhonda is not named Rhonda Dee. I mean to say, Dee, I have to agree with Rhonda. Wow! I just had a sissy bimbo moment. Anyways, I think this cap is sooooo sweet. That's what I meant to say!

    Kiss kiss,


  4. I think I would eat the chocolates then to stall for time tell Damien have tummy ache and or had allergic reaction to roses. but as with most captions the swap becomes permanent he could rely on that all female favourite" I just need some time to think " ( I've lost count of how many ladies I am still waiting to come back to me ) great caption I think there would be a lot of second guessing

  5. Indeed a sweet cap

    Besides the fans being supportive to Laura Jane Grace, I think it's very cool her wife Heather is supportive about her transition as well. I was very touched when I saw the documentary about her some time ago.

    It's actually a pity fans giving a band a hard time because they sign up with a major label. They're usually fans who don't grow in their musical tastes, while the band does.
    The fans who also grow, usually accept that a band and they simply grow apart, and cherish the good memories.