Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happiness is a Bun in the Oven!

Its the weekend .. lets have some fun!

Just a quick post before I head out, though I will probably set it to post later on tonight. Made this one for a newbie on the Haven, Andinonymous, who likes being a BBW and pregnant. I am not sure if the models actually are pregnant or just quite fluffy, but the picture was oddly appealing somehow, and Maddie seemed to enjoy it.

Once again, I really didn't care about how they were changed. I had Maddie interrupt Sarah before she spilled the beans as to the prior situation. Perhaps its because Maddie is so happy that she doesn't want to think about her life beforehand, and Sarah isn't as fond because of the current situation. It does make you wonder if they both wanted it and Sarah is now having regrets, or if it was forced upon them and Maddie is truly enjoying it now. I guess it does beg the question as to whether Stan and Dave were part of the transformation or just a beneficiary of whatever happened to the ladies.

Please check out last night's post as well. There is MUCH to read and view in there!

So, what do you think was their back story? Flesh it out as best you can in the comment section!


  1. Fun cap Dee. Lets see... back story... I get most of this from the line "I am close to being as celibate as when I was Steven!". I think they were two dude unlucky in love (and more importantly sex) and bought a wish. Their wish was to have as much sex as they wanted. They were surprised when they turned into two BBW and even more surprised when their friends want to have lots of sex with them. At first they were opposed to it, but they grew to enjoy their new lives. Sadly Sarah is now regretting it as her sex life is now waning while Maddie's is continuing to go on strong.

  2. Lovely caption. It seems that one's true character won't be denied after a transformation. If you're a seductress before, but simply didn't had the body it will show. If you didn't know how to keep someone else's attention before, you won't know how to do it afterwards.
    No clue on how they got into this situation however.