Sunday, December 8, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon ..

.. I'll reference an 80's cartoon for a caption, just for shits and giggles!

Found this residing in Jinny's picture folder on Rachel's Haven, and I just had to tackle it. Wrote it up fairly quickly even though I never really watched the cartoon much at all. I preferred the antics of a non-scrappy version of Scooby Doo, Laff-Olympics, Warner Brother's cartoons, and such.

Apparently, according to Simone, the reference is totally "old school" which I guess is interesting to me because I guess that makes me old! Then again, my daughter is out of high school now and only knows the Flintstones from the vitamins, and had no idea they were a cartoon show .. and since the Honeymooners were WAY before MY time, I know she has no idea who the Flintstones were based on I'm sure. For her, Rugrats "All Growed Up" is old school!

Anyway, it looks like the shit storm of ice and snow is going to nail us soon, though its more ice than snow .. so I might try to go in later tomorrow and avoid everyone sliding into each other, but I'll only know that in the morning. How did every else do? Did you get a whole lot of snow and ice? I hope everyone made it through ok, and damn what a fun NFL game to watch Philly and Detroit play in those huge snowflakes and 8 inches of snow on the ground!

I am going to start highlighting some of my favorite Christmas songs, but first I'd like to post some naughty songs of the past. I think I've highlighted, "Shave em Dry" which is probably one of the nastiest songs of the 1930's. This one is a bit more "refined" if that is something that could be said.

No, it's not Azrael, it's "My Girl's Pussy"!!

Another one from the "Shave em Dry" lady! Wonder when COCK started being used for only male sex organs? Back then it just stood for a sex organ, both male and female! Anyone have any idea of when that started? I'd certainly like to know!

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  1. This would be an excellent OSHA poster. Always be careful on the job site if you aren't prepared for the consequences. Of course, for some, it's an advertisement for, "Hey! How can I make myself look like that?"