Friday, December 6, 2013

Can't Seem to Pass that Cultural Anthropology Class, huh Tom?

I'm sure you'll get it right THIS time .. who doesn't love a good pint of maple syrup!

Wanted to post something tonight, but we have house guests over tonight so this will be quite short. Busy weekend here and I'm not sure if I'll have time to make some captions. Luckily I do have a few photos placed into caption settings so if I get a few moments of peace around here, I can try to whip something up for the Haven and/or this blog. More than likely, it will be an older caption from the d'arkhives posted here over the weekend.

Quickly on the caption. Things have become so PC lately, that its almost impossible to pick on any ethnic group, so Canadians get picked on because .. why WOULD you discriminate against them? They are so nice and polite usually, that its not a big deal .. hence the humor of this caption.

Hope people are all amped up for Christmas which is only a few weeks away. This year seems to have gone by so friggin' quickly. Time goes by quicker when you get older I guess! Still doesn't seem like I've been captioning all that long ago, and when I look at my older work, I can still remember most of the thoughts behind each creation as if it was yesterday!

It'd be even funnier if this band was Canadian, but they aren't. They are from New Hampshire!

Not a fan of Rush, but what the hell! They actually ARE from Canada!

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  1. a good fun caption. I did start a comment on p c ,freedom of speech and propaganda then I got worried that somebody would not like it .