Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve .. and the Nutcracker!

Oh, was that a ballet? Duh! I am relatively cultured ya know!

Made this one a few weeks ago when I was trying to make some Christmas captions. I guess I was in more of the spirit last year since they seemed easier to make. Some of our Christmas plans and travel have been cancelled due to illness in the GF's family which we only found out about a day or two ago, so I've had to try to cheer her up as best I can. She's Wiccan but is really into the whole secular nature of Christmas .. the lights, the tree, the music, giving gifts to loved ones, and especially seeing family she hasn't seen all year.

So, other than the caption I made for Hailey's Christmas Caption challenge, which I will probably post on Christmas Day, this is it. I loved the photo and wanted to incorporate some of the ideas of the music suite into the caption. Who knows if I incorporated enough into this caption to make it coherent and enjoyable to you, the wonderful readers of my blog. Please comment if you like it, or even just click on the "Loved it!" up-vote clicker.

If you are going out tonight (Christmas Eve) please be safe and keep an eye out for those who may have had too much to drink. The holidays should be a time for celebrating what we have, and not what we could lose. Maybe it should be a 2 egg-nog limit this night!

For traditional songs, here is one of my all-time favorites:

And, here's Bad Religion's entire Christmas EP:

See you Christmas Day/Night!


  1. Lovely caption,
    Tchaikovsky's ballet seems to have a special appeal for cappers, at least in the corner where we are anyway. I have seen a few by now and I made one myself revering to it, for Rachel's birthday.
    I'm actually going to the ballet in a few days, with the captions revering to it, and some other stuff in RL it was almost an omen to go;)

    Merry Christmas

    I hope your GF's

    1. Oops, didn't finish, I meant to say: I hope your GF's family is going to be Okay.

  2. Happy Holiday's Dee!

    Very cute cap... although Clara is probably happy she doesn't remember what happened immediately after filling the Nut Cracker's mouth! I too hope your GF's family illness is short lived and that their recover is fast and full!


  3. Lovely though slightly twisted Christmas-themed caption. Loved the twisted ending ! Is her candy-cane toy a double ended one with a curved end though ? As a guy she had one toy to get satisfaction through ; as a new girl or woman and a darned sexy one at that, she now has her pussy and her ass to stuff full too. Maybe she could wait until the Sugar-Plum Fairy comes over to visit? Then they could share her toy with her. Two friends cumming together .