Monday, October 21, 2013

The Wind-up .. and the Bitch!


I was in the mood for making a baseball caption for Dalene, especially since the Red Sox are in the World Series again .. but you already knew that if you've been reading my blog! LOL I had this picture placed in a caption setting back a week or two ago for Dalene, but I hadn't come up with a good enough idea to flesh it out and left it blank for the meantime, and worked on other captions instead until it finally hit me tonight.

My clever idea was that the infield is a perfect way to call out the four corners of a magic circle. I mean, each base represents a cardinal direction, and usually we try to keep it measured out 9 feet or so .. and a diamond is 90 feet to each base so it lines up very nicely. We also try to use something made of wood to create a doorway, and once again, a bat seems to work as a good replacement for that requirement (usually we tend to use a carved wand or homemade broom.) I have no idea if its been used as a TG caption or story idea yet, but the baseball diamond as a magic circle totally makes complete sense to me.

Once I had that, I just worked my way through the story and edited on the fly. I knew I wanted to put the famous quote from "A League of Their Own" somewhere in the caption. "Straddling the rubber" was in my mind from when I first saw the photo, so it was the basis for the zinger at the end.

When I was posting this to her trade folder, I counted the captions I'd done for her, and this one happens to be either number 26 or 27. I guess that goes to show that if you have good, expansive preferences, and take the time to comment and return captions in a timely manner, you'll get lots of people to trade with you. I know she's probably got over 500 captions in her folder.


  1. Well done Dee - a great mix of a good image, good story, and good word play. Love the puns at the end especially!

    P.S. Will be rooting for Boston...especially if their winning means more great baseball caps! :)

  2. a great caption and photo , I know nothing about baseball but think those heel are a no no,

  3. Nice one. It makes me wonder how she would run in those heels. Probably somthing like in this video I guess.