Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hiding Out .. Blog Exclusive!

Just have to make sure she blends into the background.

Been working on a "Scare the Girl Into You!" caption for someone I can't mention yet because it is supposed to be a Halloween Surprise on the Haven. The way it works is this, as per Jezebel:
This is sort of like the cap trade game that Chelsea just ran but with a slight change. This is Halloween themed! So scary, spooky and similar type caps are welcomed here as long as the victim gets the girl scared into them. Again it is Russian Roulette style with caps. As anyone enters they will be added to the table below and a scary location that they need to enter.

The first week in October, I will randomly pick a players victim and a location separately (so you might not get the scary location of your choosing) and pm that player with their info. They have a month to work on a devilish, scary, spooky, terrifying cap for the victim which they need to deliver on Halloween - October 31st. Please work with the victim's preferences.
     Player/Victim Name      Scary Location
1      Jezebel (Jinny)   Graveyard
2      Commentator  (Dawn)   Abandoned Lab
3      Chelsea Baker   Cabin in the Woods
4      AnneOniMouse (Ken / Anne)   Abandoned Funfair (a la Scooby Doo)
5      Niemand (Katja)     Lost Mansion, overgrown by plants
6      JaySeaver   Long-standing [mental] hospital (hasn't been renovated to modern standards. At night.)
7      sg11 (Elyssa)   Haunted Castle
8      Terri   Deserted Warehouse
9      Gwendolyn   Waterfront at night
10      magiclycurvy (Wendi)   Abandon factory.
11      Dementia (Dee)   A old crime or accident scene celebrating(?!?) an anniversary of the event
12      Victoria Knox (Vicky)   Abandoned catholic church.  Overgrown with kudzu and everything.
13      misschinagirl (Miss Zagros)   The Gates of Hell according to Chinese tradition -  ghost city of Fengdu (she has supplied links for info)
14      Maddie King   A old abandon summer camp                                                                                                
15      Lady Victoria                  
A spooky gothic manor                                                                                    
16       Silence (Kate)                        
A Dark Forest at midnight                                                                                        
17      Lurker                      
A Witches Sabbath
18      XxDarrellxX (Rachel)                      
Spooky Roller Disco
19      lacysliplover (Lacy)                      
New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience or Disneyword and the Haunted Mansion
20      T_M (Felicia Hextus)     
A lost spaceship
* Also keep the blood to  a minimum, I do not think anyone wants to come to the Haven and see blood running down it's walls.
* Gore to the minimum, I don't want anyone throwing up.
 So we all entered our hats into the contest and gave a location. I loved mine and wished I had gotten it, but alas, I did not. I can't wait to read the one that got my suggestion! It took me until today to actually wrap my head around what I wanted to do with my scary location .. and of course, it seems like I reference it more than actually show it. Trust me, finding some of these topics in a source photo can be very hard to work out. I will tell you that I didn't get a "Spooky Roller Disco" but honestly, how many pictures of that can you find out there on the internet?

So, I worked out some pictures I wanted to use and did a 2 panel caption .. and its not quite scary. Its a very Dee caption, but when you get a caption from me, it is scary with a touch of humor. Its a bit over the top, but in a non-scary way I think. Hopefully my recipient will enjoy my Dee-sign enough that they won't mind it being more "Scream" or "Scary Movie" than "The Exorcist" or "Night of the Living Dead" in tone and plot.

I made the above caption while hunting down pictures for the "Scare the Girl Into You" caption, and its pretty self-explanatory. My thought originally was to go and exaggerate the amount of ways she could've been chased .. thoughts of "Stole Bigfoot's slippers?" and "Woke up right before aliens were about to give you an anal probe?" came running through my head ... but I really didn't have enough space to do it and still have it legible for people to discern the text over the photo. So when I cut out the ludicrous questions, I found the answer to be more unexpected somehow. If he is spouting some weird-ass conspiracy theories, and she answers with the truth, he is going to think she's just flirting back or having fun with him. I had the movie "French Kiss" starring Kevin Kline in mind when I started and I just kept the location and made it a tad more serious. Its still humorous considering the last few lines, but does ring true in our little TG genre. Some of us just wouldn't give up a new body!

  A delightful lesser known hit for Debbie Harry.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you like the caption better this way, or the almost slapstick version I was describing up above? Does it work better as a somewhat serious caption or would it be much more acceptable as an almost parody piece?


  1. That sounds like it could be a fun halloween capping game, but I think you're right.... some of those will be really hard to find photos for. I imagine there will be some very creative writing to explain less than ideal photos.

    I liked this cap. Like most of your projects, it hits the sweet spot without including exactly how the transformation happened and instead focuses on the 'now'. I think it's tone really matched the photo and believe that the 'over the top' slapstick version wouldn't have been as good. It still would have been fun, just not nearly as impactful.

    1. Yeah, the over the top version would have been a much different caption, and I do like the way this turned out. I mean, its definitely not Hitchcock but it does have a bit of drama to it!

  2. that sounds like a great contest... keep the lights on when reading. I think this caption works best how you have posted it. as you write the punch line would have been lost in the puns.

    1. I should have mine up here on Halloween or the next day .. I am supposed to post it to the Haven on Halloween and not before which is why it hasn't made an appearance here yet.

      I am thinking of perhaps making another one for my recipient since I'm not really sure how scary mine is and that WAS sort of the point of the contest!

  3. Fun cap, and I agree with Caitlyn and Ian, less is more. Although I am curious how you would feminize someone with Bigfoot's (high heeled?) slippers.

    It does seem like a fun game, I considered entering, but I know I'm not up for it at this point in time. Well, maybe next time.

    This and other Debbie Harry/Blondie songs are played every now and then on the radio station we tune to at work. They have probably a fan making the playlists.