Friday, October 4, 2013

Sweet Sixteen and Christmas? Sweet!

Latent magical powers are always fun to deal with.

Made this one for Kamil, who is another captioner who likes younger situations, so when I saw this photo, it gave me an idea to have some sort of confluence of celebrations .. and since I was listening to Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" that gave me the magical bloodline part.

Pretty basic, but for Kamil, English is not her native tongue, so I am not even sure if she knows what a Douchenozzle is, but it does SOUND like a funny insult right? Even cooler, I've made a caption like every night this week! Been awhile since I've done that .. and I have a few left I haven't posted in the Haven or here, or both. Nice to have some momentum and hopefully it keeps up!

I might post again on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how my schedule goes. Red Sox are in the playoffs, Patriots play the Bengals on Sunday, and the NHL season has started up again, so I'm getting back into the Black and Gold big time!

Coming soon is a caption I made for Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna on Fictionmania) somewhat based on her own fiction, and something I had whipped up for Ron (RMP) dealing with TG struggles.


  1. that's got to suck the day you get your magic wishes you are turned from a guy into an airhead DOH !. Love the caption.

    1. Yeah, I would think that most of her wishes and spells will now be bimboish ones.

      I am assuming that they wished at the same time but Dee's wish came first because she was slightly older.