Monday, October 7, 2013

Is this the sickness .. or the cure?

You never can get enough, can you?

Made this one for Ron (RMP) who likes women dressed in men's clothing. I've done quite a few for him over years, many you can find here on this blog .. and of course you can find them all on the Haven if you are a member. I think I found the photo on a mundane site, perhaps maybe Yahoo, as an accompaniment to some sort of news story (at least I think so .. I created the caption setting for it awhile back and forgot about it until I wrote it up a week or two ago.)

It looked like someone that was looking for another fix, and of course, here in TG land, that means becoming, or staying, female. I think its a fairly standard TG storyline of a man's life being too complicated and wanting to simplify and let others make decisions for him. At some point, his life and the artificial life intersect and blend in together, and personal pronouns and memories are mish-mashed like fruit salad. The twist is that it changes his race as well as his sex, and does set up a bit of a Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hyde addiction. Many of the most elicit drugs of the past have their allure to some sort of exotic Chinese connection so perhaps that is where the race change comes in.

Haven't had a chance to make any captions in the last few days but hoping I can on Wednesday. Perhaps there will be a posting on Tuesday ... we shall see!


  1. anti depressants are one of the most prescribed drugs, that going to be a lot of topless dancers well the rest of us well be happy

  2. Well, the mental health field does have its issues. I think I'd rather have lots of happy women running around our society than a bunch of morose, depressed guys! And with lots of happy women running around it is BOUND to pick up the morale of the rest of the guys!