Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7 Deadly Sins .. Hailey Shows Her True Colors!

I could definitely go for a margarita!

Made this one a few minutes ago for my friend Hailey Pixley from A Tights Spot. I was searching for good source pictures last night and came across this one and knew I could do something with it for her, so I placed it in a blank caption setting, knowing I'd be able to come back to it when I had time to work on a plot line. Well, I had that tagline, and I am not above using cliched language if I can advance the plot along towards its conclusion. Besides, once I thought about the 7 deadly sins a bit more, I knew that Dee would be the one giving a big surprise!

I hope that the updated version I posted above makes things a bit clearer about that. Originally I had this version below completed but it sort of left it less descriptive as to what really happened ... mainly that "Dee" grew a penis. To me, lust is a penis, acting out whenever it wants to with a only one goal in mind. I would guess that Dee would definitely have trouble keeping that beast in line!

At this point in time, I don't particularly mind being portrayed as a she-male, especially since in this universe, I started out as a genetic female. I mean, what woman HASN'T thought about what it would be like to have a penis there, what it would feel like to just have it show its "emotion" unexpectedly like some happy dog wagging its tail, and of course how it responds during orgasms.

God, what a unique and powerful voice! Always love to hear Cyndi sing.


  1. I Just discovered Hailey's Blog a few days ago.... I'm green with envy that she has staked "claim" to all things tights/pantyhose, one of my favorite things in the world :)

    I do not know her well, obviously, but the cute and funny cap seems very well in keeping with the spirit of many of her caps. and I'm fairly certain that pic alone will push many of her buttons!

    I know it pushes some of mine :)

    Well done!



    1. Yes, the tights//pantyhose aspect drew me in as well. I am not sure if she was part of our Christmas Links Exchange here, but I became aware of her around that time.

      I enjoyed doing this one because although I use LOTS of women in pantyhose and heels, I don't usually focus on that part of the picture and have the change revolve around it as a plot point that often.

  2. Consider my buttons pushed, Britney. Twice, in fact. Probably pushed again in a few hours, too. ;)

    Dee, the trouble I always come across with colorful tights in photos is that they always seem so out-of-place, it's tough to come up with a cap that makes them seem like the least odd thing in the scene, you know? I don't want someone to be distracted by them...but obviously, I'm not thinking outside the box enough, because you've pulled it off beautifully here! =D Plus, I love the little Dee twist at the end...well, probably not that "little," given the circumstances. hehe, thanks so much for the great gift; perfect way to start my day today. ;)

    1. Over the years, I've sort of done a 180 on TG Captions in that I tend to downplay the changes that happened (which would be a huge deal to most people) and try to play up/focus in on mundane elements of the transformation and the relationships that are involved.

      Its a bit hard to describe, but I think in the past I've mentioned the whole fairy tale situation of "Pinocchio is now a real boy .. The End" Well, what happened next? Was Gippetto investigated by Child and Family Services for harboring a young boy? Did Geppetto try to make another child? If so, was there a sibling rivalry between Pinocchio and the new one?

      And I certainly understand why its hard to use brightly colored tights. I mean, there were also orange and red, etc .. in the forum I found this one in. I think the only real way to deal with it is to include it, at least as a side note a la "green with envy" or go WAY over the top in discussing it.

  3. Great job on not making the extremely-bright neon green of the tights the focus of the cap, but slipping their color in there with subtlety! That's some good writing, b/c there is nothing at all subtle about those tights!