Friday, September 20, 2013

Look Out .. She's Gunning For You!

Just when I was going to go all EMO, someone makes me smile!

Haven't posted in a few days. Haven't been feeling well, but that hadn't stopped me before. Just hard to believe that its taken over 65 hours for my last blog entry to reach 500 page views. Maybe its blogger/google's fault and its not counting properly but that is about 1 hit per 8 minutes.

I had written a bunch more, bitching and moaning .. but honestly, another comment was posted and made me realize that I'd much rather have people enjoy what I'm making than see the hit counts rise. I think the main reason I was upset about the lack of views for this one caption that if you don't even click on the posting, you won't see what is inside .. and made me think that people are popping in here, seeing if there are tits and/or blowjobs, and THEN deciding whether to look at the caption.

The comments there though made all the difference. The ratio of comments to hits is WAY better than most of the posts I've even done, so I can't complain too loudly, especially since they were quality thoughts said by people I like and admire.

I deleted most of my self-pity rant type thing, but I kept this because I think it fits in with what I said in the previous paragraph.
I appreciate those who look inside and even more, those who take the time to say hi and comment. I cherish you and are happy that you stop in for a few minutes .. its what I'm here for. If you are looking for tits and/or blowjob pictures, you are truly barking up the wrong fucking tree. If I put them into my captions, there is a logical reason for doing so, and when you read the article that goes along with it, I spell it out and give you justifications to why I do so.
 I'll be posting again when I am feeling inspired. Right now I think I'll take a nap.

Seeing Johnette sing like that is certainly inspiring. You can tell that there isn't a thing in the world that she'd rather be doing at that moment than singing. I should be back in a few days.


  1. Dee,

    I feel your pain, and agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment. I'd much rather have 1-2 meaningful comments than 1000 "page views" :)

    It's am opinion that has put at odds upon occasion with more than one Cation Creator/Blog Operator...

    "Don't get hung up on comments!!! Page views are much better indicators of "interest"! NOBODY likes to comment on TG/Caption Blogs!!!"

    I don't agree. Comments ARE the best "indicators" of interest. I'm quite often jealous of Caption makers like you, Simone and Caitlin. Not just for your skills, but because you have loyal followers that LIKE to comment on your stuff, and even discuss it with you.

    I appreciate a "Nice Caption", or a "Thanks for the Cap!" as much as the next girl... Maybe more than most, but nothing replaces a meaningful and thoughtful comment that shows that somebody read, understood and appreciated your efforts.

    As for the feeling that people peruse post looking for Cock, Blowjobs, etc... That's a cross we all bear, especially posters of generally PG/PG-13 captions like you, me and Courtney :) What can you do?

    It's nice to see that you're still creating. I'm at the point now where I'm just going to post when I freaking feel like it... Once every 6 months, or 10 times a day. I've exhausted my stress capacity agonizing over comments AND "page views", so I'm not even trying to worry about that anymore...

    I wish you the best of luck!

    1. Glad to see you are back, even if in a limited capacity! Not sure if you had kept up with the TG community, but we lost Caitlyn and Smitty as regular contributors amond others, though they were the most prolific.

      I think we all have our own set of "metrics" that determine whether a certain post is doing well. I tend to think that if a post gets two or more comments from someone that isn't me, it has done pretty well .. or once it hits a certain number of page hits. I've been pretty lucky that by those measurements, I rarely have clunkers, usually those are pregnancy captions since most people are vehemently on one side of the coin or the other!

      Welcome back .. I like to think that me mentioning you a few posts back in "Makeovers Aren't Cheap .. Ya Know?" brought you out of hiding, like some sort of red-headed Candyman!

    2. Hey Dee,

      I have purposefully avoided the TG blogosphere entirely, so I was unfortunately unaware of the development(s) with Caitlyn and Smitty. That's sad to hear, but understandable.

      You're of course correct that we all work out our own measure of what posts we personally feel are successful. I'm not going to go into how I determine mine. If I want to rant, I have my own blogs :)

      The sucky thing as far as I am concerned is the utter randomness of it. Also things like when and how much/many posts you make can vastly affect both page views and comments alike. I published 2 caps 9 minutes apart. The "newer" one has 40% more page views, simply because many, if not most, casual consumers don't even bother to check anything but the most recent post per Blog.

      For a serial poster like myself, this leads to extreme frustration, as captions I am proud of get almost totally ignored merely because I posted newer one(s).

      I've been such a drama queen about comments in the past, and have quite a few loyal followers, so I rarely have total "clunkers", unless I go out on a limb, like my BabyVamp caps or "Dark Angel" ones on Steffi's Blog. Most caps get either plenty of comments or plenty of views. Usually both. Unfortunately, I really just can't make myself equate "page views" with "positive feedback". It's a character failing of mine, I guess :)

  2. I recently had with my brother about ghosts and the supernatural. I was taking the stance that most paranormal experiences could be explained away by improbable but possible scientific explanations. He was taking the stance that since science couldn't disprove the paranormal that it had to remain a possibility. Only after finishing the discussion did I realize that science isn't set up to disprove anything.

    I was reminded of that discussion in relation to this post because I don't think we can ever say why a particular post has fewer pageviews and/or comments. Did only a select few decide to click on the post and read? Did people not see a dirty picture and turn to other avenues for smut? Was there a general downturn in pageviews across the internet in general and in capping blogs in particular? Did Blogger burp and forget to count the views? We really can't say. We can't prove why something didn't happen.

    I'm hardly a valid voice on pageviews and comments any longer. I was never a prolific commenter myself before my views changed, and now I find it even more difficult to 'get into' reading captions at all, let alone making relevant comments about them. On the flip side I've had my fair share of captions that received few pageviews and fewer comments. It was incredibly disappointing, especially when it involved a cap that I was particularly proud of or interested in feedback about.

    We are all looking for a sign that our work is appreciated. Whether that measuring stick is pageviews or comments is irrelevant... we all just want that acknowledgement. We all want that critical eye to look at our captions and say "Wow, that caption was great and just made my day!". We melt away in bliss when someone we respect says that and wither away in insecurity when it's not said. I think one problem is that WE have the most critical eyes. WE know our own work best and know the difference between making a good cap and making something truly special. Sadly our own knowledge doesn't blunt the disappointment when we don't get a chorus agreeing with us.

    Please understand, I'm certainly not trying to say that we don't need feedback. I'm not suggesting that low pageviews and few comments is OK. We should still strive for and appreciate those comments and views... I just hate seeing people I respect feel down when they don't get that feedback.

    In this particular instance, I find it hard to believe that this cap was so unpopular to warrant only 500 pageviews. Hell... I've viewed the post about a dozen myself. So while I can't 'prove' why it didn't get many pageviews I'd bet that this was a blogger problem. Somewhere, somehow blogger just didn't get it's count right.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon, I think it is inevitable that some post well not
    be as well received as others. I feel that your blog tends to be more creative than just pleasing the masses (a plus not a criticism ) so ups and downs are to be expected. I do check out a lot of blogs and I really do feel for some of them that never get comments. I try and do my bit but so many caption and so little time.

  4. Hi Dee,
    One of the major dilemmas with blogs: you're posting into anonymity and hoping to get some personalized feedback in return. I often feel the same way about my posts, when no one replies or comments that they like the cap, and it affects my inspiration and my desire continue on. I try to tell myself that it's all about expressing myself, regardless of feedback and (sometimes) it helps.

    That's why I always at least try to say "I liked this cap" when I like the cap - sometimes a little kindness goes a long way! Have a super day!
    Ciao! Elise