Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raise Your Self-Esteem .. and Influence People!

... the 'Andrea' Carnegie way?

Well, getting back into the spirit of the way the blog is supposed to be so I posted a regular type caption I made a few years ago (Sept. 2009) for Xyn. I don't seem to have figured out the text shadows at this point, but I don't feel like fixing it right now. Perhaps I'll post a corrected version in this post tomorrow if I have some time.

I will try to post again either on Friday or Saturday. I had a pretty good rhythm going with some momentum building up! I am also going to try to make some new captions, as my trading folder has been getting filled by new captions from newer trading partners! Always good to see that when I drop into my folder that people are still leaving me TG presents! I don't crank them out as fast as I used to, but I can still make them good!

I was going to delete the posting telling everyone that I am fine and wasn't in Boston during the bombing, but people left some nice comments so I think I'll leave it up as a memorial. I don't ever want to forget those whose lives were touched on Patriots' Day in Boston, April 15.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you believe in spring cleaning, both for your living area but also your mind and body? What do you do to "cleanse" yourself when the spring time comes? Anything ... Nothing .. something in between?


  1. lovely caption, I never had such great findings at flea markets, but who knows;)
    I love this song of Tool. It's great to let the mind float on the music.
    I'm not someone for a specific spring cleaning, but from time to time it's very refreshing to rearrange everything. Even without anything new, things look different. This has usually a refreshing effect on my mind as well. Giving me a new perspective, and look from a different angle at things.
    It's almost as looking at the world after the first rain after a long dry season. Everything looks, smells and feels different. New, like the World had been reborn.

    1. Traditionally, Spring has been the time of rebirth.

      And, yes Tool seems to be one of those heavy bands that can still induce trances!

  2. Great caption Dee! I'm always a fan of the "unexpected treasure" storylines :)