Saturday, February 9, 2013

We've got our power back!

Well, the roof .. the roof .. the roof isn't on fire!

Greeting all from the land of snow and more snow! Fuck Mother Nature for awhile and the payback is a complete bitch! The neighbor kids were at staying at their grandmothers house sooooo I had to get out my heeled boots and wander outside and wield a trusty snow shovel. This is going to take the entire weekend I think, and that is with all the people in all the apartments to help! Its nice that people are being neighborly though: someone brought out a big carafe of hot chocolate and we gave the little kids some fruit snacks. I got my truck (which had snow past the door handle) moving enough to rock it from front to back using the 4x4 low gear setting so I SHOULD be able to BOOOOOSH out when need be. There is a driving ban on right now for another hour or two anyway, and nothing is open so I will wait for a reason to BOOOOOSH.

Thank the goddess that this storm hit on a weekend! Stay as warm and toasty as you can!

If I get bored, I might update this fucker over the weekend!


  1. Glad to hear you have power Dee. And what I great and fun cap to show you are keeping your spirits up during the storm.



  2. Glad to know you made it Dee, I know what you are going through. I wasn't impacted on the same level as you but a healthy 21 inches hit here from the same storm. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend. Great cap too and I love the Bloodhound Gang..

    xoxoxo Katie

  3. Glad to hear you survived the worst of it with your roof and power intact!

    1. Well, the roof survived .. but we WERE without power for 19 hours from 8 PM to about 4 PM today. Luckily he have gas heat so we were plenty warm, just really bored! Lots of sleeping and such going on here until the power came back!