Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh Noes! Its Snomageddon!

How am I going to be able to find my white truck among the piles the snow?!?

Well, its absolute pandemonium here in New England. Almost like no one remembers what its like to prepare for snow. People were all out today getting their French Toast ingredients to hunker down for a nor'easter that is going to give us white out conditions. I am more worried about my roof more than anything, as I'm not quite sure it'll be able to handle 2 feet of snow, plus its one of those 10 inches of snow, then freezing rain for a few hours with possible thunder and lightning, then another foot of snow on top. Anyway, that means I will be stuck at home most likely over the weekend, and depending on who is lurking (we tend to take purely lazy ass naps to kill the time inside) I might get to make some captions and possibly talk to some people on YIM.

The latest is this forecast for Friday night, they forecast ANOTHER 9 inches on Saturday there,
Friday Night
Overcast with snow. Fog overnight. Low of 18F with a windchill as low as 3F. Windy. Winds from the NNE at 30 to 40 mph with gusts to 60 mph. Chance of snow 100% with accumulations up to 26 in. possible.
Other than the roof, we should be fine since we have natural gas cooking and heating here, and I've put aside over a hundred bucks to pay the teenage Sherpas living downstairs to shovel our cars out from the parking lot and street. Hoping they'll charge less than that, but if its really 2 feet of snow I really don't mind spending that much to keep my back in one piece. If I have to, I'll get my daughter to flirt a bit for a discount!

This caption was made in 2009 or so. I sort of "Lucas"ed it because the original was too cramped .. so I just stretched out the background a bit more so the text could breathe. The caption was made mostly because of the great source photo. I mean, I couldn't NOT make a caption with that picture! I am pretty sure that Ashley liked it, but I'm not that proud of it, just a basic, everyday caption. If I spent more time on it, perhaps it would have come out better, but I was in a "cranking them out" sort of mode at that time where I think quantity was much more pushed that quality.

Well, I wasn't planning on posting tomorrow, but since nothing much is going on, I might be posting each day through Sunday ... well at least tomorrow I think. The weekends here tend to get a lot of page hits, but not much in the way of discussions/comments .. so I am going to wing it!  Be safe everyone! and if you have elderly neighbors, please check on them!


  1. Silly bets can end up being a lot more fun! ^_^

    I hope you and anyone else in Nor'easter territory stays safe and takes it easy this weekend. I might have left you a gift on the haven ;)

    1. .. and thanks for the gift! I commented on it at the Haven.

  2. Great Cap Dee, loved the story. It was very clever.

    xoxoxo Katie

  3. Nice caption.

    When was New England moved to the Himalayas?

    Please stay safe.

  4. Cute cap Dee!

    I hope your roof holds out and that you can enjoy the snow. We've been missing it around here. The normal snowfall totals for my neck of the woods is over 34 inches... we've barely scraped together 13 inches (including this 'snowmagedon' that flew to our north. And even when we did get snow, it melted away in a matter of days. So when looking out the window at all that white powdery gold, just know that some of us would love to be in your slippers (assuming the roof holds up!)

    1. Well, its been downgraded a bit, at least from the website I posted up above, which was for my best friend's work location. I don't want to shovel THAT front walkway! Apparently he's only getting THIS now:

      Overcast with snow. Low of 18F with a windchill as low as 7F. Windy. Winds from the NNE at 35 to 45 mph with gusts to 60 mph. Chance of snow 100% with accumulations up to 19 in. possible.

      so they've cut about a foot off the estimate from last night until now!

    2. So in the end, Ashley made the snow melt?

  5. I enjoy how you link a hot picture with a entertaining tale and add in your own personal perspective. Your blog is like a primer for TG Bloggin' 101
    . :)