Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something to Cheer .. or Jeer about!

Something shiny to look at!

I think that this caption is self-explanatory. Most people know that the Raiders have sucked for quite a long time now, right? And that as long as the Davis family is running it, they will probably continue to suck. Mostly its just a quickie for Dalene to show that I was thinking about her.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are getting another snow storm tonight and into tomorrow. How fun! Like we didn't get enough LAST weekend. I know a few people that still don't have heat, and only got their power back on Wednesday. I'm sure they are really excited about this!

Anyway, Saturday night and everyone is probably out having fun and partying their asses off. I went out earlier with the GF for a Valentine's Day meal. I got her jewelry the other day, and the dinner was her gift to me. I'm a bit limited in what I could eat, but I did have some good food at 99 Restaurant and yes we did use a coupon! Just because we're cheap doesn't mean we aren't romantic ... Just romantic on a budget.  I'm now typing up a post on a TG blog and she's sleeping.

As you can tell, I don't really have much to say and I've already taken three paragraphs to infer that. Can you tell that I'm bored? Not too bored to actually do anything productive like income taxes or cleaning the apartment, but the bored that is cured by moping about aimlessly between the bed, the computer and occasionally the bathroom. Doesn't help that this is probably one of the worst weekends for sports around. Hell, I'd probably even watch NASCAR if it was on right now! LOL

Perhaps I will go back and do some more captions. Hopefully seeing some great source material for photos will pull some creativity out of me!


  1. Awesome cheerleader caption, Dee!

    Also, there's nothing wrong with being a Raiders fan. >:(

  2. Wel, from my side of the blue marble, I had to look the Oakland Raiders up. I did guess it wasn't a team that's playing very well. Anyway Great Cap. And have a ball with your version of football.

  3. HA! Great cap Dee! Not being a pro football fan, I could care less about the actual team used... but as a Michigan fan I just mentally substituted Ohio State as the team and felt that 'NOOOOOOOOO!!!' moment build up perfectly!

    It's funny that you mentioned NASCAR in your post... I see that you posted this at 9:05PM on Saturday. The 'Sprint Unlimited' (formerly known as the 'Bud Shootout') event was going on at Daytona and I was watching it. Thursday is the Bud Duels, and Sunday is the first official race... the Daytona 500!

    I'm not a NASCAR fan per say, but I live with two of them, so I'm kept abreast of the schedule.

  4. Oh Dee! I'm a huge football fan! And the Raiders do suck. so that is bad. But, on the other hand, I love the idea of being a sissy cheerleader for a pro football team. I mean, just think of all the cocks I'd have - er, I mean - get to suck after every game when they lose and need consoling. this is surely a win-win for me...



  5. Hey, Dee, I too have gone to the Raider-ettes for a cap:

    I remember reading that they had a 40-something young grandma hottie on the squad. So while the silver n black do not have a lot to look forward to on the field, they are relevant in the the pom pom division. :)

  6. I'm glad that everyone like it! I might have a posting in my tonight. Been pretty busy this long President's Day weekend so we'll see if I can whip something up!