Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Watcher (The Final Part of a 1 Part Series!)

Maybe a webcam would've been a much better option!

After reading Caitlyn's incredible 2 panel caption for Smitty called Virtuous Sins, I was jazzed to make something for Smitty as well, though we tend to be polar opposites in our captioning styles. He tends to write huge swaths of captions panels, in large TG worlds with tons of continuity, plot twists  and a good amount of smut and perversions galore .. and I tend to write twee little slices of "in the moment" captions with a bit of dialog that includes some sort of witty punchline. Not exactly many things to shade in THAT caption Venn diagram!

When I saw this picture, I had in mind a character, not necessarily a super villain, but an entity that changed people for fun, and got off on watching them as they changed into a female. I figured "The Watcher" was a good name, and made it seem more voyeuristic and shadowy to keep it just at that. Of course, my mind usually gives me a rim-shot moment and I used that as well. You know how hard it is for me to suppress my natural instincts, hmmm? Anyway, Smitty has many characters that fit that mold, and so what's another to add to his dark menagerie.

There could be prequels to this at some point, as seems like there SHOULD be something before this caption, but you know me. My ADD will probably kick in and I'll forget all about it. So, anyone that wants to write in this "universe" is more than welcome to do so. For all I know, I could've ripped off someone's universe here .. I've read so many TG stories and captions for the last X number of years that I could've swiped it without even realizing! If you do something with this, please post in the comments to let me know that there is something out there, as I'd love to read or view whatever you've written.

I'll probably leave this as a blog exclusive, since Smitty does pop in to Rachel's Haven here and there, but he isn't even ON SCREEN for this, so I can't imagine this as an actual trading post caption.

I should be back on Monday or Tuesday, as I am in Sports Nirvana right now, with the Bruins first game of the season on earlier this evening (THEY WON 3-1! WOO!), and two football championship games on Sunday, with my beloved Patriots playing the 2nd game of the doubleheader. For those in the US, I hope you enjoy your day off for MLK day, but do remember the spirit of the man and the impact that he made.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: This may have been asked a while back, but I don't recall, plus I have many new followers since then anyway. What is your favorite TG universe and why? Do you ever get sick of reading or creating stories/captions set in that universe?


  1. Love the cap (is it digital or a heavily cleaned up photo?) and I love the stalker-song from the Police link even more. Very nice, and it raised a smile with me at any rate!

    As for favourite TG Universes... I honestly don't know. I mean, I've read a lot of the SRU Wizard ones, and the game based ones and... well, I often don't even realise that I'm reading a TG 'Universe' as such. So, as a consequence, I guess I don't get sick of them.

    Also, I have an atrocious memory. Many have commented that my life must be fun as I always see things as new and different even if I have seen them before. It bleeds well into my job I guess. So, ask me this again in a few months and not only will I give the same answer I shall also think it is the first time I've done so!

    1. SRU happens to be my favorite, as there aren't that many rules, other than that "trickster" element where there is always a technicality that trips up the protagonist. When used correctly, that old man in the bathrobe is pure TG gold.

      Maybe some day, I'll write a caption where someone walks up to Arthur Dent thinking he's the SRU wizard, getting mad when he's not, and then says, "You're a jerk, Dent... A complete kneebiter."

  2. A lovely caption for a lovely photo Dee! I can imagine this 'Watcher' fitting in nicely with many of Smitty's universes. I get a feeling that this 'Watcher' normally only views the changes in the subjects, and then moves on to the next. The change is what attracts and pleases the Watcher... what happens after isn't nearly as exciting to her.

    We've talked a lot about various universes, and my opinion hasn't changed that much. Overall I think they're too structured to use all that often. When I start creating something in the 'Great Shift' world for instance, and Have to pause the writing so that I can look up one of the 'rules'... then it just makes the whole story and cap predictable.

    On the other hand, I do enjoy making homages to the TG universes. Like having strange wizards selling things in the mall, having great world wide gender flips happen, and having a strange items that do body swaps or transformations that mysteriously get lost. Sure they're based on Spell'R'Us, the Great Shift and the Medallion of Zulo, but if I keep them different enough I feel free to write more creatively and hopefully less predictably.

    1. Yeah, pretty much my idea too is that he watches them change and its the reactions that turn him on, then he either moves on or ravishes them.

      That's why I think this seems to be the final part of a series of captions, as he seems to get his comeuppance. Also, I am not sure how many times a drafty window has help cause an accidental transformation.

      If I continued this series, I'd probably make her like Catwoman, sort of a gray hat between criminal and hero.

  3. I thought the cap was excellent. Went with the mood of the photo perfectly. I'm a bit confused though. I missed the first part of the one part series. I feel like I may have missed something.



  4. I almost missed this, but I'm glad I didn't. I love the idea of making a single cap that concludes a non-existent series. I enjoyed it so much, I made a sequel to your "final cap". I hope you like it.

    As for my favorite universes, I hate to say it, because it's soooooo conceited...but most of them are ones I've made. I know, I know, it's terrible, but the reason I made them was so I wasn't tied down by someone else's rules and could make exactly the universe I was looking for. That said, I've seen some, like Jennifer's Living Doll universe, or Trisha's All or Nothing or Alpha Club universes, or others I'm forgetting (sorry folks) that make me wish I came up with them.

  5. Done in by drafty windows. A tale as old as time it is.... well at least as old as windows.

    I'm not sure if I have a favorite universe. There are so many of them that have been used so effectively. Smitty in particular has crafted expansive, well developed settings though!