Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Haven Learning Annex .. Making a Cheesecake!

Oh how blissful it is to be oblivious .. and Dee-licious too!

Made this one for Chelsea bake in October, and I'm quite a fan of the design, and the picture just begged for me to caption it. Who isn't fond of fondant? Still using the new font since it really pops in the caption style I've been using, though I do have to double up on the text to make sure it stands out.

Here is what I had to say when I posted the caption about how the plot came about:
For some reason, the hurricane has brought out the baking nature of a ton of women I know. My roomie has made corn bread and homemade pizza dough for a kick ass pan pizza, and the GF made like 2 pounds of pasta and homemade tomato sauce. My daughter is at her mom's house and they made cupcakes! SOOO, needless to say, it was definitely on my mind when i found this picture.
As I've mentioned before, I love the whole oblivious angle, where the characters have an inkling of what is going on, then sort of continue to act the same way due to compulsions. Its a vicious cycle of acting/being girly, then having a revelation about it and feeling strange or embarrassed, then plodding onward in girlish delight. If memories are changed too much, and they don't have knowledge of their own past, the characters are just new people leading a new life. While that is OK sometimes, I like captions much better when the person KNOWS what happened and has to deal with it.

I am going to try to post every night through Friday at least, and perhaps through to Christmas Eve, as long as people are interested and commenting. I think I have some holiday captions that I haven't posted yet, plus enough new ones to keep it moving along.

Of course, I can't mention baking without one of the best bands named after dessert:

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I like when people comment on the current caption, but I'd also like to know ... which font do you like better, the one I'd been using for quite a few years, or the one I've been using for a month or two? Should I try more fonts?


  1. I think both fonts work well, and can be used in different situations. I don't see any problem with you looking into other fonts as well.

    Love the cake video... but I believe their best song is "Short Skirt/Long Jacket":

    1. I agree that its a great song, but I wanted an actual video, and the performance ones for the song are either crappy quality or a VEVO version, which can be hard to embed. I also have warm memories of my daughter, when she was younger, singing along in a cheerful little voice, saying "Sheep go to heaven, Goats go to hell!"

  2. wow.. and just last night my brother was talking about weird al and the lead singer of cake being friends.. lol.

    I think I like the new font better, but I wouldn't be opposed to you switching back and forth. I normally just stick to the standard font in comic life, but not because I'm lazy or anything. I just get too worried that if I try something new, it won't be readable for anyone out there.

    Some times I'll mess with it, when it feels like that will help the story or the over all layout. But most of the time I just try to keep the text as legible as possible.