It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Please Read ... Christmas Link Exchange?!?

Sometimes being cheap isn't the best deal!

Wanted to see what people thought about this idea I had.

Usually we exchange gifts with our loved ones. While I'd LOVE to give everyone out there a personalized caption, its probably not in my best interests to ignore work, family, etc .. so I thought perhaps we can all give each other another gift .. one that is still thoughtful but also pretty cheap.

The gift of blog exposure .. which will help out 
both TG Bloggers and those that read them.

Nothing makes me happier when I see someone become a member here. It means they want to follow up and read more of my work. I am sure that most every other Blogger feels the exact same way. I have almost 250 followers, Caitlyn has about 300, Jennifer has over 450, and Kaitlyn only has 36 for examples. Its often not even a case of quality, but of getting people to swing by and check it out.

I don't plan on being home for Christmas Day, as we usually travel 3 hours each way to visit relatives we only see on Christmas. I do know that many people ARE around and are either captive to their families or are far away from loved ones and somewhat lonely on Christmas Day ... not to mention those of different religious faiths.

So what I plan to do is set up a blog post for sometime Christmas morning, probably around 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, where I will feature (hopefully) a bunch of TG caption sites that agree to do the same in exchange.

I am setting up a deadline of sometime Sunday afternoon on December 23rd. After that, I can't guarantee I'll be able to put up anything significant.


(1) You post below that you wish to be involved in the gift exchange, saying that you want to participate and reciprocate.

(2) I will go to your TG Captions Blog and pick a caption I like, posting a thumbnail copy in the post and a link to that caption below it. Depending on how much time I have and the number of people participating, I might give a sentence or two about why I like the caption or why they should head there to the individual blog.

(3) Y.ou do the same thing for me. You'll have a thumbnail and a link to a caption of mine in your post. It might help that if you have a "TG Pregnancy Blog" that you pick one of mine, but it isn't really necessary.

(4) This step isn't required, but I think it'd be great if you could post this on YOUR blog, looking for others to trade with. I think it'd be a nice gift for people who are just READERS of TG Captions to see how many blogs are out there, and give them exposure to some they might have missed.

(5) Make your post on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

(6) I will not link to sites that ONLY snag other people's work. This is for the actual creators only.

Lets see how this goes .. maybe we can make it an annual tradition!


  1. Dear Dee,

    I realize my site is not technically a caption site, but I think your idea is fantastic and would love to exchange links as a Xmas gift with you. I already list you as a blog I follow, and would love to do this with you. I agree to your terms. But I am confused about whether this is between you and me, or between all of the others who agree to do the link exchange.

    Let me know.

    Kiss kiss,


    1. I don't mind doing this with you. Many of your posts are caption-like.

      the idea is that everyone posts on their own blog, and coordinate with anyone that posts on theirs. So you would list people that wanted to do it with you, not people on my list. I would be in your post, and you in mine. The hope is that people that don't necessarily read your blog would see yours listed and visit, and the same for me.

      Does that make sense?

    2. Dear Dee,

      I think I do understand and thank you for agreeing to let me participate as I do know my blog is not a Caption blog as yours and others are. I love the art that you do and will happily promote your site as a gift exchange. Like Caitlyn, I'm going to promote your idea on my blog as well.

      Kiss kiss,


  2. Dee,

    First off that cap had me laughing out loud. I knew there would be a zinger about the hair, but I didn't even come close to guessing the direction you took!

    As for the gift exchange... I like the idea and would love to join in. I'll post this idea up on my blog as well soon. Although I think most of the bloggers that follow my blog also stop by here on a regular basis.

    1. Very true that we probably have a huge overlap. However, its gets the word out any way we can. Perhaps someone on your blog only has 20 members, and the exposure YOUR site gives them would be VERY helpful!

      Glad you liked the humor. I had that picture for quite some time before I knew what I was going to do with it.

  3. I think that's a totally great idea. Now that I finished my classes and holidays are coming, I'll try to see a caption from your blog and post it in my blog talking about why I like it :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: I usually do a recommendation whenever I post something new in my blog too.

  4. A great idea, I've posted up a short piece on my tumblr site and will try my best to join in and try to showcase soem of the excellent blogs that are around.

  5. Count me in! I'll try to make a post about me participating in this some time tonight, or tomorrow. And I'll put the final results up on Christmas eve. Great idea!

    And as for the cap? heck, I would be happy with just that look! Just add some pink high lights and I can just embrace the punk look.

  6. *Jumps on band wagon... forgot instrument... sings. Count me in!

  7. OK. I've got the first 4 or so done, and I'll be adding Kaitlyn and Jennifer soon.

    Seems to be most of the usual suspects here. I certainly don't mind highlighting them, but if you are out there, reading this, and have a newish site, PLEASE feel free to offer up your blog for exposure!

    1. I've got a post that includes everyone who had agreed on your blog, or posted the gift exchange idea on their blog. I can't wait!!!

  8. I'm in like Flynn - or rather Lynn :p I'll have the post up for you to review by this time Monday (Xmas Eve) Great idea!

    1. You are in .. the last one!

      The Links Exchange is now closed.

      It'll be posted on either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning for all to see!

  9. Arrrrgh! Too late! Oh well Happy Christmas everyone!
    Love Lexie x