Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Drink with the Good Mouth Feel!

There's always a few cocks at a hen party!

Made this one a few years ago for Candy (One Eyed Pirate) and was looking for a naughty caption to post from my D'archives that I hadn't posted yet. Perhaps I'll have someone catalog my posts so I know which ones I've already done .. I've had 312 posts and made probably 1300 captions so I still have a fair amount left to cover, plus any new ones I make .. but I am finding that it takes more time to make sure I am not posting a duplicate.

We here are in the middle of a winter wonderland. Two polar bears could be outside fucking on our driveway and I probably wouldn't notice. I am guessing many of you are in the same position .. stuck inside .. not fucking on a driveway .. though knowing my readers, I can't discount that possibility! Been trying to work on some captions, but the combination of people lurking and a lack of pictures that really say something to me has made it a complete bust so far.

I have been lurking about on Spotify though and catching up on songs I've not listened to for some time. I'll find a song and let it play, and it will often take me back to when I first heard it ... on my bed as a teen following along with the lyric sheet looking for the meaning of life, listening to a guitar riff that crawls into your head and won't let go, or finding a song with a mood that makes evil sound so seductive ...

Then I fast forward to the present and artists I've discovered in the last few years. Those were found through the internet, sometimes by mere chance, others through friends recommendations, and some through collaborations with artists I've already enjoyed. Though the mode is different, the feeling is still the same ... the chill that goes up my spine when the song connects and makes my head bob and my feet stomp. Its a feeling that I will hopefully continue to have as long as I draw breath.

I've lost my voice many times, often for long stretches that have taken away most of my vocal range. My eyesight has gotten worse through the years, and I wonder how bad it will get with time. I love food, but lately I've not been able to eat meat. But the one thing I need to keep is my hearing. Take that away and I might as well be six feet under. So much of my memory is tied to what I've heard.

Its ironic I guess that so much of my online persona is involved with manipulating images and placing them with words when sounds are often the things that move me the most. There is even something in the silence of nature that can be comforting. So while this caption was all about taste, to me, hearing is the best sense to be able to keep.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which sense would you miss the most if you suddenly lost it? Which one is most linked to your memories?


  1. Fun naughty cap Dee! I've always had a soft spot for the 'spying on the fiancés bachelorette party' style stories.

    For me, the once sense that I would miss the most is my vision. Sure, I'd miss hearing great music or the voices that I love. Sure, I'd miss not tasting my favorite foods or smelling the roses. But overall I would miss seeing the most. Sometimes other senses take the front seat (like taste when eating a meal where the food looks terrible but tastes fabulous), but for the most part I see (see what I did there?) the other senses as the extras around sight. I listen to music often, but for the most part I never JUST listen to music. It's the soundtrack to what's going on.

    A song will often cement itself into my heart only when I associate it with something I see. Sometimes it's the music video (Incubus' "Warning" comes to mind), but most often it's an action that I'm doing when I am first listening to the song. Such as driving while watching the sunlight flow through the autumn leaves as I listen to Vivaldi's "Gloria in Excelsis deo" or chatting with my college sweetheart while listening to Matchbox 20's "Push".

    Like you, my eyesight isn't what it used to be. It's deteriorating faster than my annual trips to the optometrist. But if I couldn't see at all, I would lose almost all desire to live.

    1. Well, I definitely would like to keep both as much as possible!

      I made mention of this choice as if it was some sort of SAW type choice of what I would lose. I'd REALLY have to think about it if I was confronted with that sort of option of one or the others.

  2. Dear Dee,

    First, I love the cap. I wonder why...It couldn't be the cocksucking part of it...could it?

    You discuss an interesting point. Like you, and many of us I'm sure, I mark points in my life by the music I listened to during the time. People marvel at my recall of lyrics and musicians, who was in what band when, etc. But for me, the mental images created are vivid and important to me. And yet, like Caitlyn, I don't know if I'd trade hearing for vision. It would be a tough one.

    But another question is raised for me in reading your post and her reply. I have had te sense that each of you are young, like in your twenties. Whereas, I am older, and only feel as if I'm twentyish. If I share my age, would you share yours? Or is that something a woman never reveals voluntarily? You could make me get on my knees and beg...hint, hint.



    1. I will email you at some point with the answer if you behave! According to the Haven. I am 666 years old, and I keep turning 666 each year, sort of like that comedian that was forever 39 (hmmm sounds like a great idea for a mall store for older women that want to look younger!)

      I definitely feel young though, I figure that at some point my daughter will be older than me!

    2. Like Dee, I won't answer my exact age in public, but I will email it to you. I will say that I saw my 20s go by quite a while ago! Sadly I feel older than I really am. My body is failing me (eyes, back, knees...), my mind doesn't feel as quick to respond as it once did, and I feel the occasional desire to shout 'Get Off My Lawn!'

    3. Thanks to each of you. To me, ae doesn't matter. But calendar age, combined with mental and behavioral age, explain a lot about a person.

      It was Jack Benny.