Sunday, December 30, 2012

(Update 4 PM) Drop In a Few Times Before New Years Eve Please!

I think you'll love the set I posted inside!

I made the caption above after listening to a bunch of music last night. A few songs gave me ideas for captions, including the one I posted by Scroobius Pup. I chose a song from Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche because it seemed to have elements of TG, and it fit well with a picture I had in my d'archives. Hope it makes sense to everyone. Here's the song it is referring to:

Of course I framed it in the best TG way plot wise. I mean, I left out the murder and such, but there was enough to make it compelling. At least I think it does.

OK, I sort of need a favor from everyone that reads this blog. I have a chance to break 100k hits this month. I've come close twice before, but if I can do 4k views between now and 7 PM EST tomorrow, I will actually hit 100k for the first time. So please drop in during the day multiple times. Yes I would like to do this honestly, but I can be quite shameless too! If I did yesterdays traffic, I would be short by about 300 hits.

What do you get out of coming back again and again? Well, first off, I am posting a really old set I made within the first month of my captioning on the Haven. I don't think I've posted it before and its actually quite good. Its one of the early ones I've thought about redesigning and posting, but its good enough to show you the original. Its back when I was much more deliberate in the story arc. I think its fair to say that I don't often DO captions like this anymore, and I'm not sure if its because I've zeroed in on what I do best, or my ADD kicking in, or what have you, but it would be nice if I COULD whip something up like this occasionally. Click on them to make them larger!

I will probably add a few more captions in this post before the deadline .. hopefully that can motivate you all to keep coming back! Any requests for a TG caption trope you'd like to see? I have over 1500 panels so I MIGHT just have something you are looking for!

(9:30 AM EST) Figured someone might like to see a POV type caption. Well, here you go!

(3:50 PM EST) A few more hours to go and about 600 hits needed. We can do this!

Figured I would add another musical caption I made a while back!

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  1. Dee,

    Did you make it? To 100,000? I hope so.

    Happy New Year,