Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas .. TG Caption Link Exchange!

Grab your Christmas Balls .. and head inside for the Caption Link Exchange!



These are the people that are taking part in the CHRISTMAS LINK EXCHANGE. You may have visited them before, or they may be new to you. I have picked out a caption/posting that I find interesting, as sort of a bite-size piece of what they post all the time, and hope you'll pop by and see what else they have lurking on their blog. If you like what you see, perhaps becoming a member and following their work might be a great way to make their Christmas even better!


I arrived home from work early and accidentally walked in on my mother-in-law, who was visiting my wife and me for a few days, in this state of undress. I quickly turned to leave the room, embarrassed to find her attired as she was. "Sissy!" she snapped, causing me to stop in my tracks, frozen at her utterance of that term. "That's right sissy. I've been perusing your internet folders today. I think it's time you and I had a little heart-to-heart."

I chose this one because it shows her versatility, not only in writing, but in a collaboration with another reader. Caitlyn posted an original version, and then followed it up with an update, making changes based on what her collaborator thought was best. A ton of insight into caption making and the decisions on WHY certain elements ended up in the panel and what was left out. 


This caption pretty much encompasses everything that is Alectra in a nutshell. Many voices, often speaking at the same time, and with a manic energy that can be tiring if you aren't prepared to enter that worldview. Alectra is the TG Blog version of a caffeine IV drip.

Anne has a wonderful sense of design, with striking backgrounds that pop right off onto the screen. And unlike most of us, she even gives you a link to the original picture! That's effort!


You didn't think I was going to post a link to Jennifer's site without listing a caption she made for ME, right? I chose this because I think she does hypnosis captions (and RPs) incredibly well. Part of her having a submissive thought process means that when she is running an Role Play, she REALLY knows what can get you all squirmy and gushy. Trust me, I don't get that way too often!

Kaity's Fantabulous Captions

I've known Kaitlyn for quite a while on Rachel's Haven, and she LOVES wordplay and puns. If I have a humorous idea, I know that she'll enjoy it. Her "ABC's of TG" series shows SERIOUS creativity and a great sense of design as well. She has less than 40 followers. Lets improve that!


I supplied the picture and Martha used it in a sequel to a sequel we had been sending back and forth to each other. She specializes in Great Shift captions and MILFy transformations. She's been busy in real life and I hope she has more time to caption in the new year!

Annebelle tends to make "family" captions, in so much that its often father and son to mom and daughter, though often the whole bunch of men are transformed. Usually one is totally for the swap, and the others end up going along with it somehow. You'd think she'd run out of ideas but she keeps cranking them out with originality. I like this one because, HEY! Its music related, and the bassist on the first page is Melissa Auf Der Maur.

I would like to thank all the people that took part in this, and we'll see if its successful. Hopefully we can do it again and it'll be even bigger! If you didn't get a chance to swap, you can always list your TG blog in the comments, and feel free to talk about the links posted above.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas with lots of great cheer and that you all are safe!


  1. Dear Dee,

    First off, thank you for allowing a non-TG Capper to participate in your gift exchange idea. I've had fun. And second, excellent gift exchange from you. And you really honed in on me.

    Kisses and Merry Christmas,


  2. DEE!!! I wanted to thank you for your kind words today and for the link exchange. You rock--continue rockin!

  3. Thanks for letting me participate Dee! Yes, Melissa has been a fave of mine for a while. The blonde is a real guitarist in an indie rock group I cannot recall right now, and the drummer is Meytal, a Isreali emigre known for her hard rock/Me(y)tal drum covers on YouTube.

  4. Merry Christmas Dee! Thanks for sharing this great idea with everyone. It's been great to see everyone talking everybody else up on our respective blogs! This needs to be an annual tradition from here on out!

  5. Happy Holidays to you Dee :)

    Hehehe Nice. I'm a caffeine maniac. It's not that bad really to be hyper active... Its keep you alert... From the aliens, yes from the aliens and from the government and from the people that are both of those types at the same type. That doesn't make me crazy. Does it? hehe just kidding!

    I'm glad that you liked that one. That one was made thinking of many important friends to me and it holds a special part of my heart to it. Plus I've never ever seen a caption where so many friends ends up there mentioned! :D

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra