Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gonna Make Her Blush!

Now look what you've done!

Made this a few minutes ago for MoocowTracy on the Haven as an award for beating me in Haven Fantasy Football league this week. I might've won if I was able to make some last might changes, but I was totally doomed when the Dolphins coach benched Reggie Bush for fumbling in the 1st quarter and he didn't play a snap after that! Stupid Bush! I know I am usually against Bush, but I haven't been able to trim my roster yet! Just seems like my Bush has been licked clean the last few weeks!

Anyway, I've been using that other font quite a bit lately. I think it really stands out and it condenses well, but I know I'll jump back to my old font soon enough. I guess this one is like a mistress .. its fun to play with, but you will always go back to the one you truly love.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would YOU, the readers like to see next (or more of) on the blog? Request away and I'll see what I can do .. unless the request is to post more consistently .. not sure how well I can actually DO that one! LOL


  1. I'm a big fan of your caps. I'm personally more of a fan of things with more overt kink to them. For reference, my favorite cap of ours is Kidnappers can really coordinate colors!


    More like that would certainly make this sissy excited! :)

  2. Fun cap Dee... and I do like that font, but you're right of course... it should be brought out once in awhile, but not replace your regular font.

    As to what I'd like to see... well I can't help you there. I like the Deelightful things you post as is. Even when I'm not up to commenting, I still stop by and read everything you post.

    I will say that I've been getting a real kick out of the musical additions to your posts lately. Keep that up!