Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Its All in the Cards! Playing with the Queen of Hearts!

Read 'em and weep!


Made this one for Kaitlyn a little over three years ago. I don't make too many willing captions, but with a picture like that, I thought it would definitely fit. Not sure how the game works, but she played it exactly the way it was supposed to go. The caption is definitely willing, but I don't think its a sweet story with a happy ending either. I would think those are pretty rare.

I didn't use too much in the way of poker jargon, probably because I was saving them up for THIS caption I made Kaitlyn about five months later!

Sometimes I will do that, and follow up the same subject for the same person but with a different spin. I guess you always have to play the hand you get, not the hand you want!

Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you like "willing" captions better when they have a sweetness to them, or do you like them to be more like a normal one, with a twist? I've been thinking about it while wondering what happened to Britney, since she tended to do more "willing" captions than just about anyone else out there. In a "willing" caption, how much resistance should the protagonist put up, however token its appearance is?


  1. You know, the funny thing is I looked at the photo in the caption and went "huh, that looks familiar!" It's always fun when a cap from the past makes it way back from time to time.

    To be honest, I think I appreciate the caption NOW more than I did in the past. It may be because my tastes have been altered. The Kaitlyn back then was quite reserved, and wanted to believe that she would fight the change; never change willingly. Now I like surprise, acceptance, and playfulness. Maybe they didn't willingly become the female, but once the power to become is discovered, Kaity comes out to play. If that makes any sense at all

    1. Glad I took you back a few years!

      I am also happy that you like it even more now. I do understand what you mean, as my preferences are much more open than they were when I started doing caption trades. I can't imagine saying I would mind being a she-male or drag queen back in 2008-09. Not that I didn't mind them, but they didn't quite fit into my likes. I mean, that is why I had created Dee-Dee, so I could enjoy bimbo/slut type captions so I wouldn't feel all weird about it being "me" since Dee = female Damien. Now Dee-Dee can also be a she-male or a drag queen and I can say, "wow, that is a pretty good story and still put myself into the plot."