Monday, October 29, 2012

Bomb Shelter Bombshell!

You dropped the bomb on me, baby! You dropped the bomb on me!

Well, I am currently bunkered down in the apartment awaiting the true arrival of Hurricane Sandy. We haven't had too much damage at all, and though my Dad lost power about 10 minutes from where I live, we haven't had more than a flicker of power failure. Last year we didn't lose power at the apartment during Hurricane Irene so we are hopeful for a repeat of that, minus losing all the roofing tiles and shingles. I will try to keep swinging by this blog or be on YIM if power/internet holds up and family neglects me in this room! In this area, the main concern is coastal flooding and heavy winds. Everyone I know is either home safe or on their way home from work, so I feel better about this than I did a few hours ago.

The caption above is the one I wrote for Sammie that I mentioned a few posts ago, where I was looking for others to use the same photo that I did. The way the weather is right now, I think I'd use that shelter if I had it available! Then again, I'd probably use it no matter what if that was the result!

I made a caption yesterday, and might make one today if I have the privacy to do so. My goal was to make this month the most viewed since this blog started, but the hurricane is slowing that down I think. We shall see, but I'm trying to break 90k views.

I hope you and everyone you love is safe and sound as this monumental storm rages outside!


  1. Can we have a storm party in that awesome bunker you found?

    Hope you stay safe through the storm. It's getting quite windy by me.

  2. We are hanging in there now! Winds will start to die down in the next few hours, though the high tide is still a bit worrisome. Looks good so far though!

  3. Its almost noon here now, and I am finally at work since power was restored about an hour or so ago. We mostly lucked out with some coastal flooding, and I think that Hurricane Irene was worse for this area.

    I would like to send out my thoughts and concerns for those who visit this blog that are under water or without power. Also, there are 31 states that sent workers to the East Coast to grind through the mess .. Your help is MUCH appreciated!

  4. Need to bottle that red mist!

    Loved seeing your take on the picture. The red scare mention and whole bomb shelter angle was very different then my own, and it worked out very well!

    glad to hear that you made it through the storm ok. I hope others still going through it, won't have to deal with it too much longer and can return to a normal every day life.