Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ashley's ... Loving It!

Well, I've posted some naughtier captions for the last few days, and figured I would lighten it up with something a bit more funny and pop culture-ish. I think I've done fast food themed captions quite a few times .. Wendy's, a few KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell .. this one for McDonald's. I guess there is a familiarity and awareness there that everyone has been to most of those places and seen commercials hawking the foodstuffs.

There probably isn't much to say about this one, other than I wish the Haven allowed larger files at the end of 2008 .. so I wouldn't have had to squeeze the text into a small column. Even making it 900 pixels wide would've given the words a bit more breathing room. I am also not really sure why I didn't make Chris' dialog more red to match Ronald's hair. Oh well! Que sera sera!

Had time to make another caption this afternoon. Its 98 percent done, just need to get the touch of humor just right, and figured a day or two to let it stew might be the best policy. The next caption posted here should be one that has a bit of a different style to it. Nothing too over the top, but I was trying to flex a few muscles I don't usually use.

I am not sure if I've already posted this one. I think I have. Oh well! Que sera sera!

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  1. All the world love a clown. Except car salesmen of course imagine the warranty on a clown car the steering wheel comes of it back fires and the doors always fall of.!