Monday, June 4, 2012

There's GOT to be a catch!

This is a case of the caption story getting away from me, and me deciding that I might as well go with the flow and see where it takes me.

I owed Anne a caption, and had something sort of in mind when looking at photos. I had just recently read about some of the people that were trying to stop cyber-terrorists from wrecking havoc on the internet. Most of them don't even work for the FBI or CIA or anything like that, they are just average people that work from home and surf the web looking for suspicious activity. I found the source picture above and thought about how you'd fund a terrorist group, and blackmail came to mind. I didn't want to use viewing TG captions as a blackmail option (though I reserve the right to use it in any sissy captions I might be making soon) so I figured, WHAT IF there was a way for those groups to kidnap a body through the computer (magical means of course) and hold it for ransom? This was pretty much the whole VIRUS-WARE program scheme but amped up fivefold.

So I had my picture chosen, set it up and started writing in the text box like I usually do. About half way through though, I started to think about the humorous spy cartoon Archer. Its always the sexy or handsome people that are usually the agents sent out into the field. The poor shlubs that are doing all the grunt work of hacking code never get to have any fun, and consider themselves desk-jockeys, one or two steps removed from "guy in boxers living in mom's basement." If *I* was one of those guys, I would probably consider this an upgrade, even if it meant the loss of my manhood!

As I mentioned in the posting to her folder:
I owed you a caption, and was wandering through my photo archives. I came across this picture and came up with the idea that you were an SIS agent researching the finances behind a website and ended up stumbling upon their real source of income. Half-way through though, I was like, "ummmmm, I think I lost Trevor's motivation." So I just rewrote the direction it was taking from the middle onward. Something just felt more true with the way it came out. Hope you enjoy!
Once I came to that realization, I had to really backtrack and rewrite. My writing my captions on the fly in Photoshop has its advantages. One is that I could just wipe out some of the frivolous stuff that no longer was needed, and just carve out a quick bit that fleshed out the new ending, which is probably WAY better than what I originally had. I think it was supposed to be more along the lines of "On *MY* salary at SIS, it'll take me a YEAR to make that much money! If only there was a way that a sexy blonde woman could make few extra bucks a night so that I could get my old body back. I'm sure I'll think of something at some point."

As Anne replied later on in the post:
Thanks, a great twist. I always think it is wonderful when the story decides to write itself ignoring your plans.
Yeah, it certainly was Anne! In my opinion, it rescued a decent premise done lackluster at best into something much better.

On a side note, this is the 2nd time I used a picture from the same set. About a year ago, I made Martha a caption that had a different pose. I was just looking at this and said, I swear I've used that model before .. let me go see! Viola! In the D'archives I found the Martha one.

Also, Anne is from the United Kingdom, so I made what I thought were good allusions to the way they do things over there on the other side of the pond. SIS being like a government agency, and the page 3 girls in the tabloids.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How often do you come up with a caption or story and end up going in almost the exactly opposite direction that what you had originally planned? Do you try to stick with the original plan until its obvious that it isn't going to work, or just let it take you where it wants you to go? I'm wondering how stubborn people are and how much they are invested in their original idea.


  1. For me, this happens more often than I would like. I've scrapped so many captions after realizing the original concept got away from me. Sometimes I find a better image or other times I realize the story method wasn't working. However I find it's always worth it if the caption comes out better than originally planed.

    Ultimately I will stick with a concept only if I feel it's good. However, many times a story has gotten away from me and I realize it wrote itself.

  2. I guess I have about an even mix between following my original idea, and letting the story progress in a different direction. In the most general sense I have a begining and an ending in mind when I start writing, so it's easy to get drawn off the straight line path and end up somewhere I didn't imagine. Most of the time I let the story take me where it wants to go, but there are times where I'll fight it. Where I'll delete whole paragraphs of text because they are taking me away from the ending I want. More often than not when I do that the cap turns out bad.

    As much as I like to sit back and think about capping and writing and improving myself, I don't do that while writing. Writing is writing and even though it will often only take a few moments to sit back and consider what I'm doing, I just rarely take that time. My biggest fear is that I sit back, take that time, and then find it impossible to get back into writing. So to avoid the risk of there being no cap whatsoever, I just continue to either let the writing flow, or fight against it.