Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who said nursing was so hard? Right Caitlyn?

I miss Caitlyn Masked. There, I said it! Often I'd get an idea on what to talk about here just by bouncing things off her. In the last few weeks, there have been some times where I said, "I wonder what Caitlyn would think of THIS?!?" The wonderful irony of all this is that she's only been offline for a bit over two weeks now, but it seems much longer than that. I guess it could be that she was quite prolific while I was laid up with medical issues, then she split right when I was getting back into the groove .. so it seems like I haven't chatted with her longer probably because I haven't actually chatted with her in some time.

She's really bright though, and I'm sure she'll be back soon. Until then, I'll probably just see some pictures online, think of using them for her, and then possibly give her a tidal wave of caption love when she gets back. For now, I'll post this little quickie I made for her tonight when I found this photo that screamed out to be done. I love making her a ditzy nurse. It just seems to fit her, since she takes care of her friends with support and guidance .. just like a good ditzy nurse would!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I tried not having a "discussion question" for a few posts, figuring people would just say whatever they felt like saying, but that didn't really work, and I ended up with zero comments. So, here's one for you. Have you seen many "M@rch M@dness" type TG captions? Do you think you'd WANT to read captions dealing with "M@rch M@dness"?? (Misspellings are on purpose in case of copyright issues since I wouldn't want to piss off the NC@@!) You can still talk about the caption, Caitlyn, or anything else you'd like to discuss as well!


  1. last caption i made for angel just felt like something I could have giving to caitlyn just as easily. What with the girl having to pretend she was really this airhead and blackmailed into continuing to do so.

    I have heard some good news, in that Caitlyn might be back soon. But That's just a maybe, and it would only be because she would have passed the exam.

  2. I just can add that whenever one of us left for sometime our own business in captions. It just felt like something is amiss and we cannot enjoy the day fully... or maybe thats just me being weird :P

    Certainly that image of a nurse, just made me wanted to have one around due to my allergy problems!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: By the way... what's M@rch M@dness?

  3. @ Alectra

    well, first off, you have to replace the @'s with A's to spell it correctly.

    Its a college basketball tournament where all the best colleges go up against one another, and this country goes insane with "brackets" where you try to predict who will win the entire thing and become the NC@@ champion. From what I hear, lots of bets are made on the tournament, from dinners, rounds of drinks, up to actual monetary exchanges.

    I am not a big college basketball fan, as most people are not, but almost everyone makes up a bracket in offices at work, in school, etc .. Even a 5th grade student (Age 11 I think) got in trouble for making brackets in class.

  4. Aww... I missed you too Dee! Although admittedly a little less since I could take some quick peeks in here while I was 'away' and see what you were up to! I hated being quiet, and hopefully I won't have to go to that extreme again. Making the caps or not making the caps... I could step away from that, but not talking to all my friends was really hard.

    I really appreciate the cap! It brightened a very dark day when I saw it, so thank you so much for that! As to M@rch M@dness caps.... I don't think I've seen many. At least not many that couldn't have been just about any other sports/bet style caption. And as I'm not a fan of basketball (college or otherwise) I don't really care to see more. But considering how popular it is you'd think there would be more. The idea of a bracket though could be very interesting! 'who makes it into the sissy final four!?'

  5. Woohoo! A Caitlyn sighting! *cue the x files music* Lets hope you passed that silly little test and will be back around! Glad this caption gave you a shiny distraction during a rough day. I was hoping that you would poke in from time to time and look about!