Monday, March 19, 2012

Self Basting Magic

I had an idea for a caption like this for awhile now, and making a "tit for tat" caption for Jackie Blue gave me all the incentive I needed to whip it up. I think it explains itself, but for those not in the know, many turkeys sold in the US have a "pop-up timer" for when the meat is fully cooked and ready to serve. Youngsters know its time to eat when the "Turkey's done!" aka when the timer has popped up, which sort of looks like the nipples in this picture.

What is the "tit for tat" caption idea you hypothetically ask? Well, I can give you a real answer to that! But that will have to be next post .. or look in my Trading Folder if you have need to know.

If not, you'll need a little more ..


  1. You know Dee... I've had that same 'Turkey Timer' thought when I see nipples like that before. I just never thought of using as the basis of a cap!

    Love the 'tit for tat' idea... hopefully you are getting a good response to it over at the haven. And hopefully people are open to the idea of something new. I know that the people that have the most stringent requirements are the hardest to cap for... I like to think I'm treading some new ground when I'm capping people, but when the cap needs to be them transforming into a dominant, blonde, shemale, asian, leather wearing, whip wielding, person who is transformed by their girlfriend while they are at work using a gypsies curse... there isn't to much new ground to tread!

    1. That is pretty much how I felt while viewing some of the newbies preferences on the Haven. Then they wonder why the "established" traders just keep making caps for a limited amount of people.

      We tend to fall in that rut sometimes too, though in a different way. I will be going through my preferences again soon, and perhaps prune them considerably. In wanting to "help" other captioners, I'm not sure if I have hindered their creativity by giving them scenarios about things I like. Perhaps I'm better off in telling people what I don't want, and even limiting that list to make it as sparse as possible.

    2. I think that's a good idea... to revisit your preferences. But while having stringent requiresments is hard, it can also be difficult if you don't have a lot there either. I know I like to make something that they WILL like, so without any direction it can be difficult to know where to start. Especially when you are new to capping. I know the first time I saw someone's preferences that was 'Hey make what you like, I'm sure I'll like it too' I was just dumbfounded. I had no where to start from.

      I could handle that now, but back then (all of 2 years ago) it would have been a little daunting to make a cap without any type of roadmap.