Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Haven Quarterly - Issue 3 is now available!

This issue is packed with 92 (!) pages of TG captions, stories, and other wonderful distractions!

Everything inside the eZine is EXCLUSIVE and won't be seen on anyone's blog, or even on the Haven itself. It contains creations by : Sci-Fi Kara, Nadine, Davewashere, JPL, Dementia, Argus, Kaitlyn, Rediqulaz, Alexia, Terri, Erin, Steffiemariechen, Caitlyn-Masked, Victoria Hyde, Totalditz, Jennifer, Elly, Alectra, Master Caster, Playin Petra, One Eyed Pirate, Bren, Mistress Simone, Annabelle, Sarine Davis, Martha, and Smitty!

Also, a huge shout out to Shysteffie for compiling and designing the whole she-bang! There is no way this could have been done without her really stepping up to the plate.

Honestly, if you can't find at least 2-3 people in there that just makes you all melty when looking at their work, you really shouldn't consider yourself a TG fan. The Haven Quarterly costs $10, ALL proceeds will be used to keep the site online. The eZine is loaded with EXCLUSIVE captions and stories from some of your favorite contributors on the Haven and is available no where else!

My contribution consists of : a few realistic advertisements sprinkled throughout the pages, and another installment of "Ask a / Letters to Mistress" that is one of the more bizarre things I've ever done ... truly! I was in a utterly daffy place when I got the letter, and my reply is out there. Even reading it now, I am in that "What the hell was I drinking?" mode. Equal parts brilliance and 'WTF?' on the same page.

Grab your copy today and tell them Dementia .. sentya!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you got this issue, or the last one, what did you think of the "ask the mistress" portion that I wrote? Figured I would ask!

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  1. Its hard to write about your 'ask the mistress' letters without giving anything away, but I just loved the tone and voice you had in this last issue Dee. I swear I was laughing out loud while reading it several times.